Blizzard answers players’ final questions about Shadowlands Season 4 – World of Warcraft

In a post tonight, Blizzard addresses players’ recent questions and concerns regarding Season 4 of the shadow lands. Intermediates, legendaries, currencies, Mythic+ dungeons, raids and their rewards are covered. Find all the information below.


  • Intermediate level does not increase and remains at a maximum of 278.
  • 278 is the normal item level for Fate Raids, intermediate for Normal/Heroic/Mythic raids will be 278 (265 in Raid Finder).
  • Intermediaries will not be available in offline dungeons.shadow landsbut Tazavesh Intermediaries will work in the same way.
  • The Vessel of Found Possibilities, an item available through Covenant Vendors in Season 3 that boosts all your Intermediaries to item level 278, is being changed. This no longer requires the Season 3 achievements (Duellist, 3,000 rating in Mythic+ or Mythical Sepulchre) and can be purchased by all characters for Cosmic Flux.

Legendaries and crafting

  • Legendaries made of shadow lands does not rank up, remains at a maximum of rank 7 with an item level of 291 for the season.
  • No new Craftsman’s Mark is required to craft higher item level gear like in previous seasons.


  • The Cosmic Flow will be available as of Season 3, and will not disappear when moving on to the next.
  • As a reminder, an item that allows the transfer of Cosmic Flux to other characters on your account is now available from Intendant Vilo in Zereth Mortis.
  • Eroded relics will be tied to the account.
  • Unused Grand Vault utility symbols from Season 3 will disappear with the start of Season 4, converting at a rate of 1,000 gp per symbol.
  • Instant-Imbued Mesh, the item that added a socket in season 3, will no longer work with the next season. You can sell it for 6,000 gp, the same price as the 6 merit symbols needed to buy it.
  • Marks of Merit returns in Season 4, where a new item adds a socket that only costs 3 marks to account for the duration of the season. This works on Season 4 items from Raids, PvP and Mythic+ like those previously available.


  • The reduction of Mythic+ keys between seasons is 3 levels, just like the previous ones. If your highest key this week was +18, you will receive a +15 key when you open your Grand Vault or talk to Tha’sup in Oribos when Season 4 begins.
  • With a few exceptions, items from old dungeons will retain their original stats with Season 4 scaling. Warlords of Draenor, trinkets without main stats, Mechagon rings, and other unique items from these dungeons will all be activated. This season keeps as many things from these dungeons as they were whenever possible.
  • Removed King Mechagon’s Azerite Armor from Operation: Mechagon loot.
  • Warlords of Draenor had a different loot system where over 100 items were shared between all the dungeons. In Season 4, the Grimrail Depot and Iron Docks loot tables will consist of items unique to those dungeons as well as a mix of items from the shared loot.
  • Mythic+ end-of-spree items will not be limited in the first week like previous seasons.
  • The dungeons off shadow lands off-Tazavesh will receive an increase in base item level, but these cannot be upgraded with Valor. Only Season 4 Mythic+ items will be able to.


  • Mythic Raids will be available at launch without delay.
  • Cross-realm raids will remain active due to the absence of the Hall of Fame in Season 4.
  • Raid Shortcuts earned in previous seasons will work on the difficulty you unlocked them on. For example, if you have the Kel’Thuzad hotkey from the Heroic Domination Sanctum, then during the weeks the Sanctum is Fate Raid, you will only be able to use it on Heroic difficulty.
  • Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Domination will now grant up to 2,000 reputation for Court of the Reapers and Death’s Advance on all difficulties. When these raids are fateful, they will also drop up to 2,000 Cosmic Streams.
  • Items obtained through Fate Raids will retain the ‘Fate’ tag when upgraded to a class set via the Creation Catalyst, meaning they can also be upgraded via the currency available in Heroic and Mythic.

Raid rewards

  • Being a legendary weapon, Rae’shalare, Whisper of Death will not be available for purchase through the dealer in exchange for dinars.
  • For players who already own the bow, an item will be available through it, increasing its item level to 285.
  • Sylvanas herself will still drop the bow during Fate Weeks, and like Season 2, she will drop items in place of the bow for those who carry it, upgrading the bow to Normal, Heroic item levels, or Mythic of Season 4.
  • Additionally, to account for the shorter season length and difficulty, Rae’shalare and Night’s Edge will have an improved drop rate across all Sanctum of Domination difficulties and versions.
  • Several balancing changes will be made to the trinkets and special weapons available in the 3 raids of shadow lands and some of the expansion’s dungeons. While you wait for the details in the patch notes, here are the reasons for these changes.

First, the developers hope to remove an advantage some players may have by getting a 278 version of a trinket from shadow lands via the Grand Vault in Season 3, the dungeon jewels from shadow lands be available at a maximum of 262 for players starting after the start of Season 4.

Second, with raid rotation, the developers want to ensure that more of the items available in a raid in a given week have a chance to be a satisfying buff for players. You can imagine a scenario where Castle Nathria might not be interesting if all the ‘good jewels’ come from another raid that you won’t be able to do for 1-2 weeks. In addition, season 4 is a unique opportunity for developers to study these elements with a full season (or more) of retrospective and thus be able to improve those who were close to power, but not close enough to be competitive with popular or simpler acquisition options.

Third, due to the limited number of dinars, the developers saw a lot of concerns from players about using them, and one item got nerfed or another upgraded afterwards. The developers make these changes at the start of the season and plan to interfere as little as possible. The decisions you make about the items you buy will be made without fear that their prices will change drastically.

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