Used vehicle scam: this Frenchman buys a car, the sequel is terrible!

A man bought a car without knowing it the fruit of a theft. The story does not end there as another problem also came after some time. We tell you the whole scam in this article.

What actually happened?

It all started when Nîmes flashed on a car on Leboncoin. So he bought it without imagining that the used car would cause him much trouble.

In fact, this car he had bought was the subjecta report for theft in Nîmes, Few days ago. The height of this story is that shortly after buying it, the man had it stolen. His new car has actually disappeared in Alès. A double penalty which certainly affected this Nîmes.

This man is proof that we should always check everything before you buy a vehicle. In addition, the public safety department has specified everything to check when you want to get a car.

First of all, consult the histovec site. Then we also have to ask a certificate of non-mortgage. You must then obtain a registration document for the car in the name of the person you bought it from.

DDSP also specified that one should always be cautious when the price of a car is low. Also, avoid buying a vehicle without seeing the vehicle in person. The best thing to do is move to see the car and the seller at the same time.

A few cheated

This is by no means the first time that a person has been cheated. A couple living in Toulouse also experienced a similar scam some time ago. Karim and Mahjouba are two modest lovebirds with five children. They wanted a car and therefore did everything to get one.

If the man had asked an advance on his salary, the woman has sold her jewelry. At the same time, the couple had also borrowed money from their family. The story began on March 3, 2022. On that day, Karim and Mahjouba came across a car that they no longer have on Leboncoin. This is’a vehicle without a driver’s license of the GDM brand.

They then talk to the seller and after talking they come to an end. In fact, if this vehicle was initially worth 9000 euros, the couple got it for 7500 euros. The next day, it was in the Minimes district of Toulouse that the two lovebirds met the individual. There was a woman with it “two toddlers on bicycles without pedals”.


According to Mahjouba at La Dépêche, this woman had told them that the car was way too small for her family. That’s why she sold it. revelations that have “entrusted” the mother of the family.

For his part, Karim says that he checked everything about this car very well, no doubt that he was suspicious of a scam. He himself had searched the Internet for the mortgage certificate, but nothing showed that the car was stolen. Thus the pair decided to buy the used car.

A scam that leads to financial problems

If Karim and Mahjouba initially suspected nothing, a member of their family opened their eyes. Karim’s brother-in-law has warned him that the price of this car is not normal at all.

According to him, this type of vehicle “with so few kilometers” Should be at least twice as expensive. After this warning from the brother-in-law, the couple decided to go to the police station to check.

Soon after, their doubts were confirmed. That’s really what it’s all abouta stolen car. According to reports, one of the thieves, who is deaf and mute, stole it from people they knew. This man from the east took all the vehicle papers with him.

After some investigation, the police found that the criminals had already used a part of the amount paid by Karim and Mahjouba. The second part was invested in cryptocurrency platforms and the investigators found only 1200 euros.

Of course, this whole story has disturb the couple. This situation also put them in financial trouble. Because of that happened, Karim himself is said to have lost 6 kilos and is now gaining weight antidepressants.

“We don’t want to return the car until there is a court decision in our favor,” said the two lovebirds.

Note that the trial in this case took place on April 8, 2022 at the Toulouse Criminal Court.

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