Nickelodeon is joining the Roblox Metaverse with an officially licensed Nickverse experience, but players aren’t happy

Image via Roblox Nickverse

Nickelodeon (Nick) has become the first TV channel to join the Roblox Metaverse with the launch of its official Nickverse experience. Within this experience, players can interact with a number of notable Nickelodeon characters, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Jimmy Neutron and Aang, participate in themed mini-games and explore several Nickelodeon universes. However, despite these options, many Roblox players are unhappy with the arrival of Nickverse.

Since its BETA release on July 6, 2022, Nickverse has been met with mixed reviews. With over five million visits and 67,000 favorites, it’s no surprise that the experience has almost 8,000 likes. What is surprising, however, when looking at the Nickverse from the surface is that the experience also has nearly 4,000 dislikes. Considering how popular and popular Nickelodeon is around the world, these many antipathies can seem strangely overwhelming.

It’s only when social media app Twitter gets involved that the reason for the overwhelming backlash against Nickverse becomes clear. When Nickelodeon tweeted the video announcing the release of the experience, it was met with a flurry of negative responses, all repeating the same statement: “Bring back the squishy construction project.”

Released in early 2022, The Spongy Construction Project was a fan-made experience created by a small development team of the same name that allowed players to choose from eight SpongeBob characters and explore an incredibly in-depth recreation and well-designed of the beloved bikini bottom. In its short duration, The Spongy Construction Project managed to receive 8.2 million views, 25,000 favorites, almost 8,000 likes and only 400 dislikes. Unfortunately, this experience was removed due to a copyright violation by Paramount, Nickelodeon’s parent company, on June 26, 2022.

Since the experience was removed, many players have expressed their opinions on Twitter regarding the decision, including their feelings towards the Nickverse.

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These statements include notes that the squishy building project was a non-profit experiment, meaning that the developers did not make money from its existence and did not benefit financially from Nickelodeon’s intellectual property, and that the creators tried to contact Nickelodeon several times for a license . , but never got an answer. Because of this, many players feel that The Spongy Project was unfairly deleted for no good reason.

Paramount and Nickelodeon have yet to comment on these statements, and likely won’t anytime soon. In situations where experiences are removed due to copyright infringement, the decisions are often final and far more black and white than outsiders assume. Although there are exceptions to this normality, they do not happen very often. More than likely, The Squishy Building Project will go down as a fan-favorite experience of the past, and the Nickverse will attempt to follow in its broad and seemingly impossible footsteps.

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