New photography exhibition in Brioude (Haute-Loire): Amélie Rozet captures the moment on her mobile phone

Amélie Rozet does not have a reflex camera hanging around her neck. Even less of a backpack full of lenses of all sizes. The photographer does not compose her images. Does not stage its subjects. She seizes the moment. What she sees. His shot reflects the chance for a moment. From a meeting. From a place. They hold the moment.

Pictures… on the phone

“I started the picture with a polaroid, which quickly turned out to be too heavy, too cumbersome, smiles the artist. I have to draw immediately when I see something. The two sets of pictures she presents were taken on the phone. “It prevents certain shots, but more than anything else it allows me to be reactive. »

On the ground floor of 41, rue du 4-Septembre, Amélie Rozet exhibits around twenty photographs divided into two series.

The first, consisting of two by ten images, is entitled “Dualities”. “One day I said to myself, ‘You really have a lot of pictures, you should sort them’. So I printed them out and realized that some were talking to each other.

Alone, these images do not tell us the same thing as when they are connected to another. This collection was done instinctively. It could have been completely different if it had been done at a different time

Amelie Roset (Photographer)

By their perspectives, their colors, their subject, they complement each other. Thus, the rails from Bordeaux station echo the pine trees of Dune du Pilat. The stranger from Lake Lacanau rediscovers the Bordeaux water table. “These pictures are small prints because I didn’t dare too much at the time…”

The eternity of the moment

For her second photo series, gathered under the theme “Eternity of the Moment”, Amélie Rozet saw bigger. “I wanted it to breathe, so I went there…” This series of 24 pictures testifies to his “amused look at this sometimes incomprehensible world. »

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To take a picture is to capture the moment so that it is never lost. It is a race against time, the refusal to pass time, the memory kept intact, the feeling sealed.

An emotion that emerges from each of his shots. From Brioude station clock to the Lower Marsh tunnel in London. From the Chartreuse Cemetery in Bordeaux to the Cauterets summits. Time flies everywhere. Amélie freezes him. Grab it. And gives it to see until August 11 in Brioude.


Exhibition to discover from July 31 to August 11 at the Talairat room, 41, rue du 4-Septembre. Every day from 11.30 to 18.30. Late openings on 4 and 11 August until Free access.

Mathilde Fontes

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