GTA Online: Criminal Enterprises expansion, exclusive GTA + car and bonuses, new features of the week revealed

Rockstar games just inserted patch 1.61 (of which you can find change log precisely in English at this address), and if you want a reminder of what it brings, a post from the official site makes the status. It also reveals that Lampadati Corsita offered to subscribers GTA+ and weekly bonuses.

With the heat wave sweeping through southern San Andreas, gas prices skyrocketing and the economy threatening to collapse, you’d think the future looks bleak…

But this is Los Santos, where every problem can turn into an opportunity. The black market is booming and you can take advantage of it with Criminal Enterprises, the new GTA Online update arriving today for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Entrepreneurs from all walks of life have understood the need to renew themselves and target new markets:

New supply missions for white collar goods can be started from their office, as well as a new daily mission to export miscellaneous goods. In addition, additional staff will give you a hand in your warehouse, as will your new manager, Lupe, who will find and exploit all possible and imaginable opportunities.

For motorcycle club presidents, now is the time to raise revenue. Stock up your bar with Sindy’s help and open your doors to leather-clad guests. Custom shop owners can now share their love of two wheels by modifying and delivering bikes to paying customers. Do you prefer dirty money? No worries, new HQ contracts allow you to continue your misdeeds.

Nightclub managers can contact Tony Prince or log into their office computer to start new nightclub management missions. Nothing ever goes as planned in the city’s hippest club: invading paparazzi, troublemakers, indisposed VIPs… Looking to stock up on merchandise? Call Yohan, he’ll find something.

To all experts in the arms trade: Are you running out of raw materials? New supply missions are available to fuel your underground fortress. Do you want to speed up the search for your bunker? Call agent 14. Do you want access to new markets? He can give you a contract with Ammu-Nation so you can sell them your surplus weapon parts.

To learn more about the ins and outs of these new business opportunities, head over to the official GTA Online website.


Motorists are not the only ones noticing a sharp rise in fuel prices: the IAA’s ULP agent is on the scene. He has smelled a criminal conspiracy and a large cloud of gasoline fumes, and suspects the Duggans and the FBI of rigging prices. The consequences can be catastrophic. He has some information yet, but he will contact you soon.


Criminal Enterprises offers many enhancements to the GTA Online experience; many of them come from the many constructive feedbacks you have sent us from our side.

To the delight of solo sailors, your company computers are now available in session by invitation. You can now launch sales and delivery missions at your leisure without having to endure a hellishly competitive market. And for those who don’t procrastinate the hell, expect better bonuses.

Players can now purchase the maximum ammo for all their weapons at once from the interaction menu. No more wasting time going through ammo gun by gun. Select all ammo, refuel and resume the fight. And whether you want to replace your protection in the middle of a firefight or replenish your health by devouring your fifteenth EgoChaser, you can now do it much faster via the weapon wheel.

New gameplay improvements requested by players also include:

  • A major overhaul of the in-game economy and rewards from various activities that allow players to be more free in how they approach their criminal ascent;
  • A recalibration of the Oppressor Mk II’s armament and countermeasures;
  • The maximum number of standard properties will be increased from 8 to 10, providing more slots for players’ vehicle collection.

Plus many more surprises… Be sure to check out our latest Newswire article on experience improvements, as well as update details available on the Rockstar Support site.


Criminal Enterprises also adds new supercars, sports cars and muscle cars. So if you’re looking for a vehicle that can turn heads faster than the price of cryptocurrencies, or if you’re gearing up for a battle with armored vehicles, head to your usual dealers today. If you’re playing on the latest generation of consoles, you’ll also find a Stirling GT pampered by the tuning experts at Hao’s Special Works and two new vehicles compatible with Imani Tech upgrades available through the agency’s Vehicle Workshop.

And the people of Los Santos know that there is only one way to age: like fine wine. A good wine that could have been immersed in formaldehyde and preserved in resin. Therefore, iconic racing cars have received a minor facelift. Find Pegassi Zentorno, Benefactor Stirling GT, Grotti Turismo R and many more with new designs and modifications.

In addition, Ammu-Nation now offers the new Sniper Rifle, a long-range firearm with improved accuracy.


Today is also the start of the new GTA+ event, and subscribers will be able to enjoy many benefits, such as the sporty Lampadati Corsita, which will be offered to them by Legendary Motorsport, accompanied by two exclusive designs. GTA+ subscribers will also earn an additional 50% GTA$ & RP on new Operation Paper Trail missions and waive the fees for VIP and CEO organization skills in the interaction menu.

Plus other perks like desktop upgrades, 15% bonus GTA$ on Shark Dollars bundle purchases and more. Learn all about current GTA+ subscriber benefits, how to redeem them and more on the official GTA+ website.


From today until August 3rd, all GTA Online players will enjoy a variety of bonuses, including Double GTA$ & RP on new Operation Paper Trail missions. Additionally, complete any supply or resupply mission (weapons trade, special cargo, import-export vehicles) to receive a bonus of GTA$150,000, paid within 72 hours.

Completing a Gun Shop, Nightclub Warehouse, Biker Club, or Special Cargo Sales mission will earn your character White Beat Off Headphones. In addition, special discounts await you:

  • -40% at the agency;
  • -40% on changes and improvements to the agency;
  • -50% on Schyster Deviant;
  • -40% on Ocelot Lynx;
  • -40% on Lampadati Furore GT;
  • -40% on Declasse Yosemite;
  • -30% on Pegassi Zorrusso;
  • -30% on the Enus deity;
  • -30% on Vapid Dominator ASP.


Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire in the coming days and weeks for more GTA Online news and updates, such as the opening of two new car showrooms and more.

As you may have read, this is just the beginning Criminal enterprises, other cars and surprises are coming in the coming weeks. For posterity, GTA V – Premium Edition is available from €19.99

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