Euros. Le Val d’Hazey: Europe asked to lower the score for the renovation of the cultural space

In Val d’Hazey in Eure, the Espace Culturel Marcel Pagnol will undergo major renovation work. ©Unbiased Archives

On the occasion of the last the municipal councilthe renovation project ofMarcel-Pagnol Cultural Space (ECMP)auditorium of Val d’Hazey (Eure)has been processed.

Bruno Thierrydeputy mayor responsible for culture and communication, proposed a discussion “with a view to submitting an application file under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)”.

Bruno Thierry recalled the five goals of the Cultural Space rehabilitation project: “improve the energy performance” of the performance hall; “improve the premises to strengthen the cultural offer and its attractiveness” by allowing “the diversification of the offer and its adaptability to new forms of cultural consumption”; “improve the accessibility of the premises” and strengthen ECMP’s “security”.

Project for 2.5 million euros

If a discussion on the same subject had already been taken last year in the same period, “it is necessary to resume it”, the elected representative explained. In fact, the situation has changed in a year: “The municipality had requested a grant from the State Services of € 900,000”, but “the framework of credits available for the local investment support grant (DSIL) established for the Department of Eure and the large number of cases” did not make it possible for the municipality to receive the full expected amount. “We received the notification of the award of DSIL for €415,152”, explained Bruno Thierry.

On the other hand, “certain construction materials have experienced strong or even very strong price changes, leading to an increase in the expected costs” of the project. “Also, although a certain number of savings were found with the architect, the total estimated cost, which at the sketch stage was slightly higher than 2 million euros, has passed at the detailed pre-project stage to 2.52 million,” said the elected official.

Expected ERDF grant: €786,000

Since 2022 and the establishment of the last Feder program, “the municipality’s project could be eligible” for a grant since it participates in “improving the cultural and tourist heritage of the Norman territory”, Bruno Thierry suggested.

The municipality is therefore requesting a grant of an expected amount of €786,051 from the EU.

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“The goal is to limit the remaining expenses for the municipality as much as possible within a reasonable framework in the projected budget for the workers. We still hope, if possible, to reduce the remaining amount that the municipality has to pay. »

Bruno Thierry
Bruno Thierry, Deputy Mayor in charge of culture, submitted a grant application to finance the renovation of the Espace culture Marcel-Pagnol.
Bruno Thierry, Deputy Mayor in charge of culture, submitted a grant application to finance the renovation of the Espace culture Marcel-Pagnol. ©The Impartial

This consideration was passed despite three abstentions from the opposition. Anne Marie Monotelected member of the Save Our Campaigns group, explained:

“I don’t want to get involved in this. This is an important topic and which we did not have enough time to go through the file »

Anne Marie Monot

“This is a request for a grant to lower the bill we have to pay. It’s a shame not to support us,” laments the cultural assistant.

The new provisional financing plan is therefore expected as follows: €415,152 for the state under DSIL; €410,000 for the Normandy region; €410,000 for the Eure Department; €786,051 for Federal Reserve and €505,300 for Val d’Hazey.

Cultural passport

Still on the subject of Espace Pagnol, the elected representatives unanimously adopted, this time, the establishment of an agreement with the Ministry of Culture regarding the Culture Pass. From September 2022, the performance hall will therefore be referenced on the application.

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