Angers opens a public space dedicated to the smart urban transformation

As Angevin municipality points out, the local smart city change took off on 12 November. Engie and its partners (Suez, La Poste and the Vyv group) are really leading this innovative project. And this for the benefit of the inhabitants in their daily lives and for the benefit of large savings for society. The metropolis is investing 120 million euros in particular in this perspective.

Optimizing urban services through the use of technologies to generate savings for society while accelerating the ecological transition: this is what the smart territory will allow applied in the areas of energy and housing, environment, mobility and security.

Since spring 2021, this consortium has competed alongside three other teams. After a long analysis work carried out by the community, the tender commission finally accepted Engie Solutions’ proposal, assessed by the authority “attractive and particularly successful in terms of economic development, community support and skills transfer”. She also presented the highest savings. These amount to a minimum of 100 million euros.

A fixed tranche of 121.2 million euros

“Outstanding for its innovative character” according to the president of Angers Loire Métropole, Christophe Béchu, himself admits that the choice of Angers to register in the smart city places the city and its agglomeration de facto towards an ambitious future. “On the benefits and Stepthis global performance market has no equivalent in France”confirms Constance Nebbula, chosen for Digital and Innovation.

We are talking here about a contract of 178 million euros (excluding tax), including 121.2 million euros for its fixed tranche, which commits the two parties for the next twelve years.

It is clear that the agent must comply with quantified obligations regarding energy savings. It will also have to respond to the challenges of installing sensors, renovating infrastructures and creating a super platform towards which public data will converge. These will come from the eight existing monitoring centers dedicated to safety, public transport, water quality monitoring, etc.

Because at the heart of smart territory is data. This public data, which we use every day without realizing it, but which, once collected, stored, analyzed and cross-referenced with other data, offers enormous opportunities in the way of managing territories.

“The Digital Factory” as an anchor point for the Angevins

Le Moniteur clarifies for its part “that while waiting for the final installation of the smart urban space in the Métamorphose building (under construction in the Saint-Serge district), a teaching space entitled “La Fabrique numérique” was created on June 27 in the Cité des associations for the population. The latter is intended to be a place of exchange and a training center equipped with demonstrators on public lighting, security, monitoring and operation of equipment (hypervision) or decision support with the urban area’s digital twin, which has just been completed by Siratel ». In short, it is about enabling co-construction and support for new uses.

As for Les Echos, the broker adds that “La Fabrique numérique shows in particular the digital twin of the urban area. This 3D representation of the entire territory of Angers Loire Métropole makes it possible to compare the territory with the perspectives resulting from the work of the Giec (Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change), in order to anticipate the future impact of the climate with global warming in the area.The aim is, for example, to identify heat islands and thus to guide elected officials’ decision about the work to be carried out in relation to, for example, dewatering the land or planting trees..

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