The discount store is doing very well with this very affordable electric car waiting for you on the shelves!

Lidl has completely expanded its sales horizon, because now they even sell cars on the shelves. We show you the product in this article!

Lidl will never cease to impress us with these seduction arts! Thanks to these beautiful sales strategies, the German brand Lidl has managed to capture everyone’s hearts.

At the same time, the brand was also able to retain them and turn them into loyal subscribers. Recently, she just released a new arrival beyond everyone’s imagination! What is it about ? We’ll give you more details!

Lidl, the brand that strives to be your solution for everyone!

Among all the major distributors in France, Lidl is one of those with several years of seniority! In addition, it is also the most popular throughout Europe, but especially in France. Its strategy of selling at low prices has convinced all its buyers to remain loyal to it. In addition, it also offers an extraordinary service in addition to quality products very resistant!

The most brilliant thing about Lidl is its variety of offers that correspond to customers’ needs. This German muse stands out from the others by her constant desire to renew her products according to the context of the country. In this way, the brand has managed to make an important place in the lives of its buyers.

That of an unconditional ally for all types of purchases ! In the beginning, we always recognized Lidl for selling small household appliances. Over time, it has expanded its range of products with ingredients for cooking or for aperitifs. Apart from that, this German brand has also decided to imbibe the summer trend to quench the thirst of its customers!

So you will find what is useful for the summer in its radius! Also part of its many promotions, a newcomer of a somewhat impressive nature has been added to its catalog. Would you believe it if we told you that Lidl has decided to launch its own car brand? Yes or no! Of course you hesitate with the exact answer! However, the brand just started selling a car in its supermarkets!

About this little car that shines so much in its windows!

From a general point of view, this controversy about Lidl releasing its own car brand is a story as old as the world. last April, The Auto-Moto brand has already made news about this situation before . It was just a funny joke at the time though! Only this inspired the German brand to make it happen!

To this end, we announce the good news that Lidl is showing on its shelves this summer. a nice car at a low price . The idyll of this vehicle is that it will already save you the problem of rising fuel. It should be noted that this beautiful little wonder is 100% electric. In other words, you don’t need to invest in petrol or diesel to use it!

Lidl: Just make sure they are fully charged before you leave. ! That way you can drive up to 10,000 km. It has exceptional power due to its 32 kWh battery. Therefore, it will be able to reach 230 km per hour! But since its engine is 48 chla, it can venture up to 115 km/h.

For those who don’t know it too well, it is signed by a German company, called Elaris. However, its manufacturer is in partnership with Lidl for its marketing. Perfect for your city trips, this car is also tough. If you have a very small garage, this rare gem will completely exceed your expectations. This 4-wheeled vehicle is only 2.87m long!

Lidl: What are the countless benefits of getting this car?

First, if you’re not ready to buy yet, this electric car from Lidl can be acquired on lease . Just with a rent of 222 euros, you can already strut through all the streets aboard this little car.

Just like the functionality of a simple vehicle, this new Lidl car model is quite high performance! It has a 12.3” touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, LED headlights and air conditioning. We tell you that you can enjoy all this for only €20,330 !

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