PS5: There’s stock, but there won’t be enough for everyone!

Good deal PS5: There’s stock, but there won’t be enough for everyone!


While Sony’s gem was released about a year and a half ago, many of you are still struggling to get your hands on it. If you are reading these lines, it means that a PS5 rebuild has just taken place, so quickly click on the orange link below and do not hesitate to apply our advice in order not to miss the following!

PS5 has just returned to stock: now it’s playable!

If you’ve been waiting a while hoping to see a PS5 in stock, know that you’re not alone. And we can understand that it is very frustrating for you to see the console disappear when you were only in the last stage of the order.

Getting back to our sheep, well, if you’ve just seen this article arrive on JV’s website, it’s that PS5 stock just dropped. Hurry, this may be your chance to receive it at home soon!

Update 26/07/2022 at 14:49: PS5s are available at Cdiscount.

Buy the PS5 bundle + PS Plus subscription at Cdiscount

Buy the PS5+ game bundle at Cdiscount

Buy PS5 Digital Pack at Cdiscount

Update 26/07/2022 at 9:13: out of stock.

Update 26/07/2022 at 8:35am: PS5s are available from E.Leclerc.

And if you missed the console a bit, don’t be discouraged: it’s just a reprieve. Also, don’t hesitate to update this page throughout the day, because most of the time when a store restock takes place, the other characters also take action in stride. Either way, we’ll update this article as soon as we can, and in minutes you’ll be up to date with the latest twists.

But the question burning on the lips of all of us remains the same: why is there no PS5 stock when the latter was released almost a year and a half ago?

First of all, know that there is not just one reason for this (no, it’s not that simple!), but many more.

First of all, it will not have escaped you that we are in the midst of a semiconductor shortage. These small electronic components are very widespread and are found in several quite different sectors such as cars, computers and even game consoles. What’s worse is that the demand for semiconductors has never stopped increasing, hence the uncontrollable rise in the price of the latter.

In addition to this, also remember the impact of the health crisis associated with COVID-19, the current geopolitical tensions, which in particular increase the cost of transporting raw materials and the price of these and energy.

According to the best analysts in the sector, we cannot expect a return to normal before 2024. You will therefore either have to take your problems with patience, or lay out a well-executed strategy to get your PS5 relatively quickly.

Our recommendations to avoid seeing the PS5 escape before your eyes

To help you out, here are all the tabs to keep open and monitor as much as possible.

These official dealers give you the assurance that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises (or a real after-sales service) and that you have the console at the right price.

  • Check PS5 stock at Amazon
  • Check out PS5 stock at Fnac
  • Check out PS5 stock at Cdiscount
  • Check out PS5 stock at Micromania
  • Check out PS5 stock at Cultura
  • Check out PS5 stock at Boulanger

While Amazon is currently offering PS5s, you need to be an Amazon Prime member to successfully get it.

Enjoy free Amazon Prime for the first 30 days

If you are already an Amazon Prime member, simply click “Add to your list” to be able to get the precious sesame. Note, to know if the console is available, only the absence of the “Currently Unavailable” mention will tell you if you can buy the console or not.

And if you want PS5 from Cdiscount, add it to your wish list. This requires that you have created an account in advance.

More generally, create an account on any retailer site likely to have PS5 stock and enter your payment method and shipping address.

That way, in case of a refill, everything will be ready, you only need to validate the order. As you will have understood, the faster you are in validating your order, the more certain you are to go to the end of it.

  • Physical stores are your friends

Whether it’s to join a queue, to reserve a PS5 or even to get your hands on the last one in stock in the back shop, by kindly asking the sales staff (and with your best smile course!), hit the stores in your neighborhood is always a good idea, and it doesn’t cost anything to try other than a little time.

  • Don’t forget to follow our updates on JV!

Rest assured that we spend our days looking for the best deals for you, and the PS5 is obviously one of them. Our job is to alert you as soon as Sony’s latest pops up somewhere, our sources are also very responsive, you can trust us on that.

Finally, once again we wish you “good luck” with this new drop, and we sincerely hope that this time was the right one!

Which SSDs are compatible with the PS5?

Not all SSDs are compatible with PS5. Sony has protected its console and the operation of its games by imposing very specific characteristics. Thus, only a small list of SSDs are officially compatible with the console. this list is sure to grow:

WD_Black SN850 NVMe SSD: our recommendation with heatsink for PS5 Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 SSD: a good alternative compatible with PS5 Seagate SSD FireCuda 530: an SSD designed for PS5 Samsung 980 Pro SSD: no heatsink, but Samsung quality Sabrent Rocket M SSD .2: no heatsink but good basic thermal management

How to add an SSD on PlayStation 5?

To add an SSD to PS5, you must first check its compatibility. Then we remove the bottom plate of the console according to the manufacturer’s instructions, we open the SSD hatch to place our extension there, which we fix with the supplied screw. Finally, we close everything. All you have to do is let the console format the SSD to be ready to play. Our full video on how to mount an SSD on PS5

Which controllers are compatible with the PS5?

Sony does not allow the use of controllers from third-party manufacturers with its PlayStation 5 games. Thus, only DualSense, the official PS5 controller, is currently compatible with the entire catalog of Sony’s latest console. However, PlayStation 4 controllers can be used on PS5 to play PS4 games that are backwards compatible with the console. Fortunately, the PS4 steering wheel and PS4 arcade sticks are PS5 compatible.

How to connect a Bluetooth headset to PS5?

It’s not currently possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to the PS5, like on the PS4 for that matter. To use a wireless headset, it must be equipped with a dongle compatible with the console. The PS5 controller, Dualsense, is also equipped with a 3.5mm mini-jack headphone jack, which allows many standard headphones to be connected directly to the controller.

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