Meal ideas for a road trip: our recommendations

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What are the best meal ideas for a road trip?

If you are going on a road trip, it is important to know what to bring for food. It is actually necessary to eat well, regardless of whether it is before or during the trip. It exists lots of food ideas that you can prepare to eat during your car journey, regardless of whether you are with friends or family. In this article, we present all our advice and tips for have a nice vacation.

What should you eat before a road trip?

If you are driver on a long car trip for a stay you must eat well. In fact, your concentration will be seriously tested, so you will need to eat healthy and balanced meals before your road trip. Also remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. However, it is not recommended to overeat before your long drive. Eating too much fat and too much sugar right before your trip can make you feel weighed down, which will make you sleepy behind the wheel.

Before you set off on your big adventure with your family and children, you must therefore prepare yourself house, a balanced meal with easy and healthy recipes. It is advisable to take:

  • Vegetables ;
  • fresh fruit;
  • Rice and all that pasta;
  • Meat, fish or eggs.
Meals in the car

What is recommended to eat during a road trip?

For your departure by car, it is advisable to take a cooler containing food and drink. In case you are accompanied by your children and your spouse, prepare good meals for everyone and take them along.

It is important to take several bottles of water with you on your road trip. The body tends to dehydrate quickly in a cabin. Don’t hesitate to throw a few snacks into your cooler to satisfy your or your passengers’ cravings. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid too salty and too sweet snacks which many like to snack on during a trip. It is better to choose fruits like apples or bananas, or why not a good tomato salad with olive oil to refresh you well. Also take dried fruit like nuts or raisins, everyone loves them, you can snack on them with your children, they are also very rich in vitamins and fat.

During your road trip, you must of course be very careful. Although there is no law against eating while driving, it is still not recommended to do so. Eat during breaks, which you must take regularly. But to eat well for lunch, you can either stop at a restaurant or prepare sandwiches with raw vegetables, lots of vegetables and cheese sticks. Even if you prefer to eat at a restaurant, you might be on the highway at lunchtime. It is therefore always advisable to eat food with you. Remember to also take canned milk, coffee and sugar.

Some recipe ideas for a lunch in the car

Discover now our recommendations regarding dishes to prepare!

What meals should you have for a lunch on the road?

To avoid getting your lunch at the gas station, it is advisable to provide meals and cook them before you leave to take them with you. Also, if you pass fields and beautiful views of greenery, you can stop and have a picnic with your family while enjoying the meals you have prepared. You can take egg muffins filled with vegetables and oatmeal, which you can put in small glasses.

You can make an egg and smoked salmon bagel. For this recipe, combine cheese and cream with green onions, chives, dill and pepper. You mix everything in a bowl and then add eggs. You then have to cook it all in a large pan with oil. Then top your bagels with smoked salmon and eggs as desired. Also ask passenger reviews for more recipe ideas.

What dinner recipes for a trip by car?

During your road trip, you can stop for dinner in the back of your car, even if you run out of space or have a little picnic in the wild. You can simply make a sandwich or wraps for everyone in your kitchen, they are the most convenient meals to have around. Thus, you can put foods such as chopped lettuce and add green vegetables, eggs, tomatoes, ham and a good vinaigrette, all in a whole grain bread or between two sandwich breads. You can also take canned soup and organic food.

What snack ideas for a road trip?

For your snack, you can take cupcakes, muffins, cookies, pain au chocolat or others from your kitchen. But it is advisable to favors fruits and vegetables. For example, you can take carrots, they are good and easy to eat. Alternatively, you can grab fruits that can stay fresh for days, such as oranges and other citrus fruits.

However, these fruits are difficult to eat in the car, you can take them on your picnic. Choose apples and bananas that are not messy. Otherwise, dried fruit is always recommended, they are good, rich in vitamins and not messy. So for your outing, eat lots of fruit and vegetables as a snack and treat yourself to cakes from time to time.

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