Is Dybala tipping Roma into another galaxy?

Paulo Dybala is therefore an AS Roma player. After long weeks of negotiations, La Joya, very close to signing at Inter Milan at first, finally chose La Louve. The club in the Eternal City attracts in its pocket a player with experience in Italian, but also and especially European games. A big plus for a club that won the very first Europa League Conference and is aiming for a great season. But is the Argentine really the superstar that will allow José Mourinho and his family to change dimension?

535,000 shirts sold in just 24 hours, we call that a hit. Forget Cristiano Ronaldo’s record when he arrived at Juventus in 2018. The new record holder for the number of shirts sold in one day is called Paulo Dybala. Very popular at home in Argentina, but also in La Botte, where he arrived in 2012 in Palermo, Joya has just brought in around €60 million. simply by selling jerseys bearing his image. At the end of the cycle with the Bianconeri, he strongly hopes to revive in the Italian capital under the orders of the Special One.

An inevitable change of air

Paolo Dybala has been on the move for some time now. Eager to extend to Juve, but not at any cost, he dragged out the negotiations, he but also his agent, until he reached the point of no return. The Turinese have done a massive degreasing, the sale of CR7 is the perfect example, and they no longer want to offer astronomical sums to their players. Paul Pogba, for example, was forced to cut his salary by more than half to return to Piedmont. Dybala, no doubt a bit greedy, therefore did not follow up on Agnelli’s offer in the first place. The case lasted until contacts were broken between the two parties. Finally, there was very rarely talk of an extension for Dybala last season. Juve tried to sell him last summer (Manchester United were very interested), but in the end, when the season started, the Piedmontese club resigned to see him go free without any financial compensation. A shame, as the Argentine has shaped Juve’s recent history.

A resuscitation machine

If his former managers did not want to extend it at any cost, it is also because the little left-hander is no longer who he was for a period on the side of the Juventus Stadium. Affected by Covid at the beginning of the pandemic, he admitted to having taken weeks, even months, to find a kind of sportsman. He suffered more than anything during the resumption of Serie A in mid-summer 2020, and since then he has not been able to regain this agility, this ability to eliminate his opponents, which characterized him. His post-covid season, 2021-2022, was a trial, both for him and for his club. Injuries, only four small goals in the league and inevitably a Juve only 4th, more than 10 points from the champion, Inter Milan. He did no better in the Champions League, scoring just one goal in the 5 games he played. This is also why the Bianconeri tried to sell her last summer, in vain.

Two seasons which therefore remain as failures, both individually and collectively for Joya. This change of air will do him the greatest good. In an environment and a championship that he knows by heart, he will try to relaunch a stagnant career. At the behest of a mentor like Mourinho, who knows how to have a close relationship with one of his players when necessary (ask, for example, Drogba or Schneider), he has everything he needs to succeed .

Future figurehead Giallorosso?

We hear a lot here and there that Roma will change dimensions with this huge blow. However, be careful to keep yourself measured. As said before, Paulo Dybala is no longer the player he was 3-4 years ago. And even in his prime at the moment, he has never had the skills to be a player capable of changing his team’s fortunes, in any case over the course of a season. He has always been a very good element in a well-established collective, whether with Massimiliano Allegri or Antonio Conte. There he will have to carry the Giallorossi attack on his shoulders.

Another important point, the direct competitors also strengthen: Inter brought back Lukaku and registered the arrivals of Mkhitaryan and Onana, AC Milan, who promised a turbulent summer, managed to keep his squad intact, and Juve with the arrivals of Pogba and Di Maria does not work necessarily weaker than last season on paper. Also watch out for Napoli du Mister, Carlo Ancelotti, always formidable.

It is obvious that Paulo Dybala’s arrival at Roma is a huge blow, both in terms of marketing and sport. But for the Giallorossi to take a step forward, the former Turinese will need to confirm the hopes that were placed on him far too long ago. La Joya is capable of it, it’s up to him to prove it.

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