How to arrange a small space while remaining trendy and decorative? Architects give you their best tips!

In order to cram all uses into 20 m2 without compromising on aesthetics and comfort, the architects unfold treasures of ingenuity. What gives us ideas to arrange all our small surfaces, whether it is a study or a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen located in a larger apartment but placed in a limited space. Here are seven achievements to inspire you and the key lessons we learned from them to help you decipher them.

How to arrange a small area?

To create a small area, we choose systematic use of bespoke joinery that structures the space. The loft bed is always a space-saving tip. The insertion of storage on the four sides of the mezzanine furniture gives the opportunity to optimize the space to the maximum. Under the windows, install a running shelf to turn it into a console. The high quality materials for a precious reproduction will give a candy box effect to the studio. As for storage, you prefer custom-made to optimize their volume.

Small rooms: what furniture and what colors?

To create a small space, we also focus on furniture that disappears into the walls and partitions, which minimizes projections and frees up maximum living space. To get the most out of the surface and the height under the ceiling, choose custom-made furniture. Clearly defined spaces, the coexistence of which visually enlarges the room. Multiply them storage in every corner : bench chest in the dining area, telescopic cupboard in a recess at the foot of the bed. Do not hesitate to install shelves on the walls. Finally, choose coloring with strong and bold shades.