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Throughout my career I have worked as an engineer and I have seen many innovations at Samsung that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with smartphones. Our mission is, and always has been, to create technologies that improve people’s lives. Ten years ago, we set out to create transformative technology by focusing on the element that best defines smartphones: a flat rectangular screen. We asked ourselves a simple question: How do we combine a larger screen and better portability?

We saw an opportunity to not only design a new form, but to create new experiences never before possible with a smartphone. By overcoming many technological hurdles, we successfully introduced the first ever foldable smartphone in 2019 and since then we have changed the future of our industry.

Last year, nearly 10 million foldable smartphones were shipped around the world. This is an industry increase of over 300% from 2020 and I predict this rapid growth will continue.[1] We come as these foldable devices become mainstream and gain prominence in the global smartphone market.

More importantly, Samsung Galaxy foldable devices have changed the way we use mobile devices and helped improve the lifestyle of users around the world.

Lifestyles are changing, a new legacy is emerging

The world is more connected than ever and is changing at a much faster pace. Work and leisure are mixing, and the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are becoming more and more blurred. Now, the number one place we turn to for work, play, well-being and more is our phone. Therefore, our users need a flexible device to meet their daily requirements.

The Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip fulfill this mission. Last year, 70% of users[2] Galaxy foldables have turned to the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to help them see the world from a different perspective. Z Flip3 users love owning a device designed to express themselves, whether it’s choosing bold color options for their device or taking photos in new ways with Flex Mode.[3].

The experience is different with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G. Last year, almost every third foldable Galaxy user chose this device[4] ultimate productivity device that gets more done with hyper-connected computing capabilities. Users of foldable devices appreciate the multitasking ability of a screen that doubles in size, allowing them to be more efficient and get things done faster.

Both types of foldable device users have enthusiastically embraced what we’ve created. Your response is our greatest motivation to move forward, and that’s why we’re embarking on this journey in search of new opportunities for mobile innovation.

This year, we’ve made progress in every detail, opening up the new experiences made available through these behavior-changing devices. I’m excited to see people discover new ways to do more of the things they love with the new foldable model.

Of course, this would not have been possible without open collaboration and a shared desire with our partners to continuously bring innovation to the mobile device category. We’re working with industry leaders, including Google, Microsoft and other carrier partners, to expand the experiences possible in the foldable device ecosystem.

Redefining what is possible for people everywhere

Three years ago, foldable Galaxy devices could be summed up in one word: radical. But people quickly realized that this innovative and flexible design fit perfectly into modern lifestyles. As a result, what was new three years ago is now the preferred choice for millions of people.

At our next unveiling event on August 10, you’ll see that the impact of our innovation goes beyond what technology can do. The focus is on what you can do. We’ve once again drawn inspiration from the most important source, Galaxy users, to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

I can’t wait to show you the potential of our new foldable Samsung Galaxy as the ultimate tool for productivity and self-expression. Now you can do more than you ever thought possible at once on one device.

Get ready to unfold to expand your world.

[1] International Data Corporation (IDC) found that global shipments of foldable phones, including the “flip” and “fold” form factors, will total 7.1 million units in 2021. That’s a 264.3% increase compared to the 1.9 million units shipped in 2020.
[2] According to the Strategy Analytics 2020 report.
[3] Flex mode is possible for angles between 75° and 115°. For convenience, it can be difficult to maintain Flex mode when moving due to shaking or other movements. It is recommended to keep the mobile phone stationary in Flex mode. Some programs may not be compatible with Flex mode.
[4] Based on percentage of internal sales.

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