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“With this new concrete project, Casino Group wants to further strengthen the engagement in the Club Leader Price community by offering the unique and innovative experiences, emphasizes one of the spokespersons for the Casino group. It also aims to democratize access to NFTs and to explore future uses, particularly the use of Wallet and NFTs as a means of accessing new customer experiences.”

Access specific promotions

Two months after a first initiative in the metaverse universe via a partnership with The SandBox, the Klublederprisen launches a new initiative on Thursday 7 April with its customers, which include offer NFTs in their food orders. These NFTs, which will take the form of small playful avatars/characters, will allow them to do sogain access to promotions that will be reserved for them. Other benefits associated with these NFTs are being investigated.

These initiatives (that of Club Leader Price on The Sandbox or the NFTs from Monoprix) have a common desire: democratize and familiarize the group’s customers with the universe of virtual worlds, but they use different mechanisms adapted to each community and customer type.”.

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The main purpose? Anticipate changes in society and changes in consumption habits to adapt to customer needs, especially the future. Concretely, it is a question of being able to offer new experiences to consumers that are hybrid, combining physical and digital commerce, entertainment, social and human interactions.

Create value online and offline

“Our ambition is to be among the first to seize the opportunities of virtual worlds, especially by continuing the acquisition and transformation of land on the metaverse, to be able to develop customer experiences for the various brands. create value online and offline”, points to the spokesperson.

Specifically, the 100 most loyal Club Leader Price customers will be offered a real NFT (Non-fungible token).

They will receive a QR code via email inviting them to download a Leader Price Wallet application, specially developed by Arianee, a partner of the group. This application will allow them to create a wallet with a few clicks where they will find a unique NFT. These NFTs will take the form of avatars, giving them access to rewards reserved for Club Leader Price members.

Within two months, 900 other NFTs will be offered and attached to the order of customers who have requested them. A total of 1,000 NFTs corresponding to 10 avatars available in 100 copies will be distributed. They are designed by BEM builders. These playful avatars will symbolize different branches of distribution and different customer profiles such as a baker, a delivery person, a pastry chef or a winemaker. They will give their regulators access to specialized campaigns directly related to the avatar’s profile. Holders of NFTs Delivers will, for example, have a discount on their delivery costs. Those who have NFTs Wine farmers will benefit from a promotion on goods from the wine department.

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Then, in a second step, each holder of a Club Leader Price NFT will be able to exchange his NFT on a secondary market for one or more other Club Leader Price NFTs to expand his portfolio or select the NFT that gives him the benefits that interest him most.

Club Leader Price’s NFTs cannot make money, but aim to support customers, familiarize them with NFTs in an educational way and thereby develop the community’s attachment to the Group’s brands.

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