5 things to remember for road trips with children

When will we arrive? “, ” I’m hungry ! “, ” I’m delicious… “. When you’re going on a long drive with the kids, it’s better to be equipped. Otherwise, your ears will pay for it…

The sun visor: preferably SpongeBob SquarePants

It is important to preserve the youngest and protect them from the heat. Some are more effective than others, they can take different forms and cost more or less. With suction cups, stocking or electrostatic, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. The most economical is still the suction cup. Effective, it is ideal for small budgets. Unfortunately, its protection is not flawless as it does not cover the entire window. It is therefore important to check several times whether the children are not bothered by the sun’s rays during the journey. In addition to being endlessly reusable, the electrostatic sun visor leaves no marks or scratches on the windows. Some brands even add a temperature alarm system. Practical, right? Finally, the sock or stretch sunscreen is one of the most effective against UV. With its fine fabric, it blocks the light and even acts as a mosquito net with dust. In short, there is something for everyone. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your children!

Cushions and blankets: for a real Daron car

Traveling by car can also mean unforeseen events. And when you find yourself spending the evening, even the night in the car, it is not joy. So you might as well avoid the children’s possible crises and prepare for this eventuality. To ensure some comfort, we advise you to take travel pillows with you. They are small and comfortable, they take up very little and will be greatly appreciated if the trip drags on. Handy for a simple nap or a night in, you’ll be more than glad you thought of it. And for optimal comfort, also think about travel blankets! As soon as night falls, temperatures tend to drop. You and the kids don’t have to catch a cold right before the holidays… In addition, most are designed to be as compact as possible once they are put away. For example, you can try the ones that roll up. A good solution for keeping warm in all conditions.

The organizer: to be as good as Gad Elmaleh’s blonde

“Dad, can you give me a cake? », « Mom, can you give me my toy? “… And that, during the whole journey. So to avoid turning a million times (and even more if you are the one who drives), you better install a car organizer on the back of your seat. This tote bag has many pockets where you can store just about anything and everything: toys, food, travel blanket… No more asking for mom and Dad! Your kids have everything they need close at hand. In addition to being extremely practical, the car organizer will allow you to optimize the space and avoid a monster mess in the car…

The screens: because you have to assume you’re a crevard

Love them or hate them, screens are still pretty darn handy. To occupy the children during a journey of several hours, you can hardly find better. Whether you choose video games or movies and series, it works equally well. Of course we will bring portable formats: a tablet or a game console like the Nintendo Switch will do the trick perfectly. And the kids certainly won’t use them all holidays… So you can let them enjoy them a little before the busy days ahead!

Eating: because they are always hungry

Last but not least! “. With kids, it’s absolutely necessary to plan for munchies. To avoid the “I faaaaaaaaim”, the shouts and the tears, prepare a small cooler even if you plan to stop for lunch. We won’t teach you anything, our little monsters are “stomachs on legs”. Ideally, you can provide cakes, compotes and above all water. In addition, there are now extremely practical coolers that are perfect for road trips. In the form of a backpack or in a material that is flexible enough to avoid having to put them in the boot, you can easily slide it at the feet of the passengers.

With all this equipment, road trips with the kids won’t scare you at all! So who is super daron?

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