Wheely, the mobile application for booking a car with driver

Wheely has achieved the feat of combining the tradition of chauffeur-driven travel in luxury cars with the modernity of fluid bookings via mobile application.

Outstanding service available at all times

Wheely offers an exclusive yet flexible experience that adapts to today’s busy lives and needs. An alternative to personal chauffeurs or traditional services, the chauffeured luxury car retains its calling at Wheely to provide a top-of-the-range service with ease of use and booking made possible by mobile technology. With three categories of black Mercedes (E-Class, S-Class and V-Class), Wheely drivers offer discretion, confidence and elegance. The application allows you to book your trip in advance or immediately. When it comes to an airport pickup, Wheely benefits from an accurate flight tracking system that allows drivers to adapt in real time to wait for their customer at the right place at the right time, with complete peace of mind. . The drivers wait with a name tag (on request), politely escort them to the vehicle, offer to carry their luggage and facilitate their journey in any case. At Wheely, the ultra-personalization of services is one of the markers of differentiation. Already a market leader in cities such as London or Dubai, Wheely is currently developing strongly in Paris and will soon expand its offer to the South of France to take the experience even further by following its loyal customers who travel to the coast, especially in summer.

Wheely: the ideal choice for demanding customers

In every city where Wheel operates, the codes are the same: the brands and the impeccable condition of the vehicles, the service or the professionalism of the drivers remain in perfect harmony. Experienced drivers are trained at the Wheely Academy. The essential values ​​are expertise, adaptability, appreciation of expectations, but above all discretion and confidentiality to guide business leaders as well as political or public figures in full confidence. A strict charter avoids the slightest leak and no data is transferred to anyone under any circumstances. Even the journeys are encrypted, enabling each Wheely passenger to travel discreetly and confidently. Wheely is also an optional ally during any event that requires having a driver available for a day or half day with multiple destinations without fear of delay or unavailability. A telling example is of course Fashion Week, where Wheely drivers let their customers go from show to show in a smooth and flexible way by pre-booking their driver via the Wheely application, to get it at their convenience. .

A tailor-made experience

Customers who have tested Wheely highly recommend its services. As proof, the application has an excellent rating of 4.9 on the Apple Store. Today, Wheely’s intuitive and ultra-practical mobile interface meets the demands of a fast-moving world, offering fluid, exclusive and personalized solutions without compromising service excellence. And the flexibility of Wheely is once again illustrated both by the quality of the services offered by the drivers and by the options offered by Mercedes vehicles. Booking a class V van with driver allows a family to decide at the last minute to go from Paris to Deauville by taking luggage, or bulky items such as bicycles, or by systematically being equipped with car seats. Of course, most travel takes place within the walls, but this example illustrates that Wheely goes further by offering those who want to go on a weekend or holiday with all the comfort and luxury desired. In addition, the drivers’ discretion, elegance and courtesy are values ​​that women prefer for their private and business trips. “It is reassuring to come back from a business trip and arrive at the station with a driver waiting for us, even late, who escorts us with our luggage until we calmly rush into the vehicle,” explains Anne d’Ambrosio, communications director at Wheely This former member of LVMH brings this DNA of luxury to give the brand another dimension, like advanced concierge services.


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