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Available since the beginning of summer, the latest laptop in the Surface series is meant to be light, elegant and efficient. We tested it.

Released in early June, Surface Laptop Go 2 came to market with a promise that “delivering Surface-branded design and features in an ultra-portable form factor”. After getting our hands on Microsoft’s latest machine, we’re ready to reveal our verdict.

An ultra-portable with an exemplary design

Let’s say it right away, the American manufacturer has kept its word on this specific point. The architecture of the Surface Laptop Go 2 is resolutely modern and shines its compactness and lightness. In fact, it is easy to transport and everywhere. Like its predecessor, the model’s chassis is made of aluminum with a beautiful sandblasted finish.

With his 12.4 inch touch screen, one might fear that the typical alcantara keyboard of the Surface series and its touchpad were a bit cramped. Fortunately, it is not. The absence of a numeric keypad allows the whole thing to breathe harmoniously.

If the keyboard is not backlit, it has a start button integrated fingerprint reader. By enabling the Windows Hello feature, it unlocks your session in an instant. Essentially iswriting is both pleasant and very pleasant. In use, the touchpad is efficient and fluid, with a good response to hand movements.

A connection that is not up to par?

If we had to name a single flaw in the exterior architecture of the Surface Laptop Go 2, we wouldn’t have to hesitate long. that conspicuous lack of options for connecting multiple devices quickly caught our eye. In fact, Microsoft’s ultraportable is only equipped with a USB-C 3.2 port compatible with charging and DisplayPort, as well as a USB 3.2 port (10 Gb/s). To complete the connection, a Surface Connect port is present for charging.

Established between 6 and 8 hours depending on what you use it for, the ultra-portable’s battery life could have been better, especially compared to its predecessor.

The design of the Surface Laptop Go 2 is particularly nice Microsoft

A really good working environment

Wireless connectivity is provided by an Intel AX201 chip, which allows enjoy the speed of WiFi 6 of 2400 Mb/s and Bluetooth 5.2. A webcam with a 720p sensor is present at the top of the screen. Its quality is sufficient to be well seen by its interlocutors at any time of the day and night, especially when there is exposure. As is often the case with laptops, we still prefer a real camera.

At home and in the library, the noise pollution caused by the Surface Laptop Go 2 is very limited (around 35 dB in most applications). You will therefore not be disturbed during your work, regardless of whether you process a large amount of data or not. In addition, the device is very responsive, both at start-up and when it comes out of standby.

Compared to the competition, the Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor guarantees average performance for your laptop (which is not designed for video games). From this point of view, we can regret the absence of a slightly newer chip. For data processing and transfer, the Surface Laptop Go 2 has a built-in 256 GB SSD which reaches 2.4 GB/si read and 1.6 GB/si write.

Quality picture and sound?

At first glance, the definition of the panel may seem strange (1536 x 1024 px). Fortunately, it goes well with the product features. The color reproduction is quite pleasant, while screen brightness is correct, especially indoors. listening to the volume is very correct and does not suffer from distortioneven if the reproduction lacks bass and midrange.

Surface Laptop Go 2: price and availability

The Surface Laptop Go 2 is offered in 4 colors (Glacier Blue, Platinum, Sand, Sage Green) and is available with a starting price set at 669 euros for models with moderate storage capacity. This goes up to 869 euros for models with 256 GB SSD. We let you click on the image to see the offers.

Surface Laptop Go 2 (128GB SSD) – €769 Microsoft
Surface Laptop Go 2 (256 GB SSD) – €869 Microsoft

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