How to Fix Android Phone Errors Easily and Freely

Solve many problems in minutes.

Sometimes we think our phone is slow because of its age, but we rarely stop and wonder if the problem is somewhere else. We could have a virus embedded in the memory or we have something on our smartphone that causes a series of errors without realizing it, but whose solution is also easier than you think.

Overnight you find that the battery lasts worse than yesterday, that you occasionally suffer from black screens, that you have too much latency or that it does not respond to your actions on the screen. There are programs and applications ready to help us solve these problems and today we are going to talk about one of them that works very well.

Android phone repair software

ReiBoot for Android is one of the most recommended applications today because it can help us fix Android system problems in minutes and because it is compatible with all phones with Google system inside. But how does ReiBoot work on Android?

ReiBoot for Android (Free)

samsung recovery

Recovery, fastboot and download mode on our phone can save us from serious errors

ReiBoot for Android is software that we have to install on Windows (under certain essential conditions) and from which we have access to our mobile and its most hidden functions:

  • We enter and exit Fastboot (Bootloader) mode on the phone with a single click. This way we avoid using the button combination on our terminal, which is sometimes annoying because we don’t remember it and we test our patience too much.
  • We can also enter/exit Android phone recovery mode. We no longer have to brick the smartphone and render it useless, as some unfortunate friends have seen.
  • Entering Odin mode is very simple from ReiBoot for Android on your Samsung or Huawei device among others. This is the download mode from where we can solve the very common black screen problem.

Fix Android Errors (Free)

ReiBoot for Android

ReiBoot for Android is a powerful software for Windows that solves your problems

ReiBoot for Android is a free application for Windows, but it also has a paid version that we will solve 100% of the problems we encounter on our Android phone. You can download ReiBoot for Android for free and enjoy fast and safe access to Fastboot and Recovery mode from where you can solve most of your problems.

  • Fastboot mode: it’s as simple as connecting our mobile to the computer, enabling USB debugging on our Android and clicking ‘1-click into fastboot mode’. To exit this mode, just click ‘1-click exit fastboot mode’ and we’re out.
  • Recovery mode: we connect our terminal to the USB port of the computer, we enable USB debugging on our phone, and then we click ‘1-click to enter recovery mode’. To exit as simple as clicking ‘Exit Recovery Mode’.

Below you can see what options appear in ReiBoot for Android and the steps you need to follow to enable USB debugging on your mobile:

Options for the paid version of ReiBoot for Android

As we mentioned before, ReiBoot for Android has a paid version that we pay only 19.99 euros/month to be able to fully manage up to 5 different devices. If you are a smartphone repairer, this software can save memory on many customers’ smartphones. This version is called ReiBoot for Android Pro and has these additional features (in addition to those mentioned above):

  • Fixed Fastboot, Recovery and Download mode crashing.
  • Fixed infinite loop, power on issues or black screen on Samsung mobiles.
  • This will allow you to update your Samsung terminal properly.
  • We remove the “No command” error in recovery mode.
  • Fix frozen, slow or touch response issues on an Android.
  • Fixed update errors via OTA.
  • Fix helmet frozen state.

ReiBoot for Android Pro (19.99 euros/month)

What if an iPhone has a system problem of one of these types?

We talked about ReiBoot for Android, but there is also a version that can fix some Apple system problems. It is not another application than ReiBoot (regular) which is dedicated to fix booting, freezing or updating problems on an iPhone. It is capable of solving more than 150 problems that may occur in iOS.

restart iphone

ReiBoot can also fix a ton of iOS system issues

ReiBoot for Android (and for iOS) is a very powerful software that is able to fix all system problems on mobile phones in minutes. Don’t get angry when your terminal is slow or the screen is unresponsive, install ReiBoot for Android on your Windows computer or ReiBoot to give new life to your iPhone. With the free features alone, it’s worth having it always ready to lend us a hand.

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