How to Download and Customize Samsung Game Plugins on Galaxy Phones

Samsung releases cutting-edge customizations, optimizations and utilities and apps for its flagship smartphones from time to time. Samsung released game starter a few years ago to record gameplay, show total and daily playtime, and also suggest high-level and high-level games. So in this guide you will learn how to download and customize Samsung game plugins on Galaxy devices running Android 10 (One UI 2.0)

But with the arrival of Android 10 (A 2.0 user interface) the screen recording The feature has been moved to the Settings app and you can no longer save your gameplay. Meanwhile, Samsung recently released a gaming-boosting app called “game plugins” to customize games and know various statistics of the device during gameplay. Nevertheless, Samsung has also released a great customization tool called “good lock” to create custom themes and icons.

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Samsung game plugins

Game Plugins is an application designed by Samsung for Samsung Galaxy devices and offers you various modules to enhance the gaming experience. Right now it offers you three modules: Daily Limits, Game Booster Plus and Perf Z.

1. Daily limits

As the name suggests, Daily Limit is an explicit plugin. The time you play games, you can set a daily limit. This is similar to the digital wellness tool that Google has released with the Android 10 operating system. Daily Limits has a very intuitive user interface and invites children to spend sufficient time on outdoor activities and coaching.

2. Game Booster Plus

The most important part of game plugins is Game Booster Plus. Here it will show you the list of all games you have installed or played, tap on any game to show you how long you have played and it will also show CPU, GPU, Frames Per Second (FPS), temperature and many more. After.

Moreover, you can also choose different modes such as battery saving, balance, maximum FPS, high quality and personalization. depending on the games you play.


The Perf Z game plugin will allow all kinds of statistics and information that players need when playing games. It includes FPS (frames per second), CPU usage, GPU usage and system temperature. This information helps players to constantly understand game output and device temperature.

What you will learn in this guide:

How to Download Samsung Game Plugins

Unfortunately, since Game Plugins is an app from Samsung, this useful plugin is not available on the Google Play Store. However, you can download it from Galaxy Store and APK directly from other sources. How to download game plugins from Galaxy Store.

Step 1. Open Galaxy Store.

2nd step. To research game plugins.

Step 3. Press on To download side button.

Step 4. Wait for the app to download.

How to customize game plugins

For your information, this app also works as a game launcher, you can directly launch any installed games using this app. How to customize:

Step 1. Start it game plugins app and tap Accept.


2nd step. Here you get three modules Aiming aid, Daily limits, Game Booster Plus, Game Clock, GiF Creator, Perf Z and priority mode. By default, not all are installed. If you want to use any of them, just install it. When you install one of them, turn it on.

Samsung game plugins 3

Step 3. To set daily limits for any game. Press on Text of daily limitsand pressure any game that you will set limits. Press now set a daily limit for this game at the bottom of your screen. When you’re done, tap apply.

Step 4. To select another mode such as Max FPS, High quality, Where Balance water tap Game Booster Plus. On the next page, press performance icon. By default is Automatic mode is on. To select another mode extinguish Auto mode, select any other mode and press apply.

Step 5. To look at FPS, CPU, GPUs, and Temperature while playing a game, touch Z performance and just turn on one of them.


If you play heavy games like Asphalt 9 and PUBG, game plugins can improve your gaming experience. You can download it from Galaxy Store and if you can’t find the app, you can download it from Galaxy Store. other sources like an APK file.

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