How do you choose your car bike rack?

If you’re going on vacation by car, you’ll probably want to take one or more bikes with you to easily get around your resort. If you haven’t bought it yet, find out in this article how to choose your bike rack!

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At the end of July, the transition between Julianists and Augustinians will soon take place! And on the road there are many bicycle racks on the various vehicles. This accessory, available in different formats, depending on the type of attachment, the number of bikes to be transported, is offered at prices ranging from a few tens of euros to several hundred euros. If you don’t know what type of bike rack to buy for your next vacation, or just a weekend trip, but want to transport one or more bikes, then this article is perfect! Bike rack on the hitch, on the trunk and on you, find out how to choose your future bike rack

Our top 5 bike racks

1/ The Thule Pro Ride 598 roof rack

2/ The basic bike rack on a Thule HangOn 4 tow ball

3/ Mottez A025PMON bike rack tailgate

4/ Buzzracer 4 pull-mounted bike rack

5/ Buzzrack E-Scorpion 2 foldable bike rack

1/ The Thule Pro Ride 598 roof rack

Thule Pro Ride 598 bike carrier
Thule Pro Ride 598 bike carrier – Mano Mano

Thule offers an ultra-fast and practical upright bike rack that supports bikes up to 20 kg. Loading the bike is quick thanks to the specially designed mounting arms and wheel supports. Practical, the torque limiter gives a clear signal when the bike is properly secured. Smartly designed wheel holders secure the wheels firmly with quick-release diagonal straps, which keep the bike stable during transport. Mount and secure the bike from both sides of the car with the easy, tool-free mechanism to swing the holder from side to side. This bike rack is only for transporting one bike.


+ very simple installation

+ a safe bike

The smaller ones:

– only one bicycle can be transported

Click here to order the bike rack for you at Mano Mano

2/ The basic bike rack on a Thule HangOn 4 tow ball

Thule HangOn 4 bike carrier
Thule HangOn 4 Bike Carrier – Amazon

As the name suggests, the Thule HangOn 4 bike rack can easily transport 4 bikes, with a maximum weight of 15 kg each, giving a total weight of 60 kg. This bike rack is a simple transport solution with a towball bracket. It is easily attached with soft rubber straps. It also folds easily for easy storage. Installation is just as easy and requires no presetting. Note, an adapter is required to lock the bikes to the rack.


+ fairly simple storage

+ easy installation

The smaller ones:

– an additional accessory for optimal use

Click here to order the tow ball holder on Amazon

3/ Mottez A025PMON bike rack tailgate

Mottez A025PMON bike rack
Mottez A025PMON Bike Stand – Amazon

The gray Mottez bike carrier on the standard tailgate can carry three bikes with it. It is delivered, assembled and offers you a simple and quick installation. To repair your bikes; just use the 6 frame blocks and 1 tension strap to ensure your safety. To cushion the shocks on the bike carrier, the straps are elastically tighter. 4 high-density protective foams protect your bodywork when transporting the bikes, thus avoiding ugly scratches, and the bike rack posts are covered with 2 foams to protect the bikes. Extra straps are included to hold and secure the bikes to the rack.


+ easy folding of the bike rack

+ a vibration damper

+ a reasonable price

The smaller ones:

– not suitable for all cars

Click here to order the tailgate bike rack on Amazon

4/ Buzzracer 4 pull-mounted bike rack

Buzzracer 4 bike stand
Buzzracer 4 Bike Rack – Amazon

The Buzzracer 4 bike rack is designed to transport 4 bikes without additional kit. It can carry a maximum weight of 20 kg per bicycle and a total weight of 60 kg. This bicycle rack is compatible with bicycles with a maximum wheelbase of 119 cm. The patented conical attachment system fits all towballs with a diameter of 50 mm. Finally, there is a lock on the bikes and the coupling system. Quick-release rack straps and unique cradle design make loading bikes quick and easy. This bike stand comes with 3 standard driving lights and a 7-pin connector.


+ product security to prevent theft

+ a user-friendly system

The smaller ones:

– a high price

Click here to order the hitch-mounted bike rack on Amazon

5/ Buzzrack E-Scorpion 2 foldable bike rack

Buzzrack E-Scorpion 2 bike rack
Buzzrack E-Scorpion 2 Bike Rack – Amazon

Latest model of bike rack, Buzzrack E-Scorpion. This foldable bike rack is specially designed to transport 2 electric bikes or normal bikes. The wheel supports are wide enough to accommodate a FAT BIKE. Its telescopic mast allows it to be adapted to all types of bicycles. These wheel holders with ratchet straps allow the wheels to be quickly attached to the rail. This bicycle holder fits all towballs with a diameter of 50 mm. It can carry a maximum weight per bicycle of 30 kg. There is a lock on the tow ball and for the bikes. When folded, this bike rack is ultra compact. You don’t need to carry it, just roll it on its built-in wheels. Delivered fully assembled, all you have to do is attach the lighting to immediately use your bike rack. On some vehicles equipped with the right rear door (accessory type), you may be required to use additional items to prevent the bikes from damaging themselves or damaging the vehicle’s tailgate.


+ a tilting bicycle stand

+ simple storage

The smaller ones:

– a significant price

Click here to order the foldable bike rack on Amazon

What different types of bike racks are there?

To adapt to all vehicles, there are several models of bike racks. There are mainly three of them:

on the tailgate: this type of bicycle carrier facilitates the transport of 1 to 3 bicycles, depending on the model, without having to install a tow ball or other accessories. With bike racks for the tailgate, you don’t need additional equipment. There are also specific models depending on the type of vehicle. But with a bike rack on the tailgate, your view to the rear is limited, as is access to the luggage compartment and especially the bikes risk colliding.

on the roof: as the name suggests, this format of bike rack needs to be fixed on your roof, especially on the roof bars. With it you can carry up to 4 bicycles. Among the advantages of this model, we can mention the access to the trunk, which remains possible, the view to the rear, which is not obstructed, or even a rather modest price. The disadvantages of roof-mounted bicycle racks are the obligation to install roof bars or the limitation of the number of bicycles transported.

on the hitch: generally this last one allows you to transport up to 4 bikes. Some models of pull-mounted bike racks can easily tip over for easier access to the luggage compartment. It is probably one of the simplest bike racks, which gives access to the luggage compartment and is very easy to mount on your towball. In general, drawbar bike racks are the most expensive models and reduce rearward visibility.

What criteria should be considered when choosing a bike rack?

When researching the bike rack, first consider the equipment found on your car: roof racks, tow bar? If you have one of them, you know in advance which type of bike rack you need to turn to, without additional investment.

Next, consider how much of the stand you have and how often you use it. In fact, the bike rack generally does not stay on your vehicle on a daily basis, so it must be installed, uninstalled and stored. In addition, remember to check the maximum weight supported by your bike rack. This will prevent you from getting stuck when transporting your bikes. Finally, as with any product choice, your budget is an important criterion, although not the most important!

What rules are attached to the bike rack?

A bicycle rack is a very practical accessory, but transporting bicycles by car requires the use of a suitable system. In France, your bike rack must be approved. If you choose a bicycle rack permanently mounted on the roof, the latter must rest on a gallery or roof bars. Your bike rack and the bikes must not exceed a width of 250 cm. Finally, your number plate and your vehicle’s traffic lights must always remain visible. If not, mount another plate or install a signal ramp.

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