Auch: the collection of vintage cars transports visitors to the heart of the car’s history

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The Tacot Club Gascon organized its 3rd inter-club vintage vehicle meeting on Sunday 24th July at Lissagaray Quay in Auch. More than 160 vehicles of enthusiasts were installed and delighted the walkers.

Around a century of cars have gathered on Quai Lissagaray in Auch this Sunday 24th July. Thus, in a few steps, walkers can travel from the 1940s, with a 2CV, to the end of the 1950s and observe a Mini Austin while going back in time by passing in front of one of the first Bugatti models from The 1920s.

More than 160 vehicles are on display for this 3rd meeting of the Tacot Club Gascon. Many enthusiasts from the region present their cars, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds to the public. On the right side of the parking lot, near Gers, Joël never stops describing his Salmson-powered Rally. “When I bought it, it was a wreck, specifies Gersois. Starting from zero and reaching the final goal, that’s what I like”. The naturalist and geologist, who has been interested in old cars for fifty years, spent 5 years restoring this 1930s vehicle.

Le Gersois, Joël, is particularly interested in old competition cars.
DDM – Nedir Debbiche

Next to the Rally is a Bugatti from the 1920s. “I specialized in competition cars, Auscitainen specifies. These two models were used for rallies and the co-pilot seats, which are very small, were reserved for teenagers. Joel is inexhaustible on the subject. “Apart from the car, I am very interested in the history of these models, and I’m looking for anecdotes about each vehicle. For example, Bugatti is the first real European car manufacturer in its history”, assures the eager.

Collectors take advantage of these gatherings to pass on their know-how and experience to passers-by, both mechanically and historically. So when Sunday prams ask to see the engine or settle into the leather seats, these specialists are more than happy to oblige.

“He fell in love with it at 7 years old”

Among the 170 vehicles, many different models are represented. The silver-grey body of a Simca Deho, a mid-century convertible, attracts many passers-by. Another Bugatti also makes walkers turn around: an Atalante dating from the 1930s, with shiny black and yellow bodywork, is parked perpendicular to the quay next to Joël’s Rally. It belongs to Louis and Gabrielle, two collectors from the Toulouse suburbs.

The black and yellow Atalante of Gabrielle and Louis won over many passers-by.

The black and yellow Atalante of Gabrielle and Louis won over many passers-by.
DDM – Nedir Debbiche

“My husband has been passionate about Bugatti, and especially this model, for years, explains Gabrielle. he is young, he buys and restores vehicles. It is more than a passion for him”. The couple owns more than a dozen models that they have collected over several decades.

“In the 1960s and 1970s, these cars were much cheaper than today, assures Haut-Garonnaise. Sometimes Louis traveled to Ariège to see a sale.” This Sunday, Gabrielle is wearing a yellow top to match the car. “I’ve always done that, she laughs. A bit like a habit.” She is mounted on the leather seat, “which is still not very comfortable”, and waits for her husband, who walks in the parking lot and chats with the other enthusiasts. Then, back in front of his Atalante, Toulousain opens the hood so passers-by can take a look at the mechanics. Because, why not, to give birth to a new passion in one of the interested parties.

Tacot Club Gascon wants to preserve know-how

This third gathering of the Gascon Tacot Club aimed to highlight the work of the Gers and neighboring clubs in preserving old vehicles. In 2021, the know-how of coachbuilders-restorers was included in the inventory of French intangible cultural heritage. With this summer event, the Gers club has set up around fifteen excursions this year, to which was added the exchange in March last year.

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