Astrophysics at the heart of two scientific conferences in Quy Nhon

>>The winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics meets students from Hanoi
>>Neutrino physics at the heart of a scientific symposium in Quy Nhon
>>Researchers from 13 countries and territories at an international symposium

Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thành Dat speaks at the opening of two international scientific symposia on astrophysics on July 25 in Quy Nhon.

Taking place until July 29 on the sidelines of the 18is “Vietnam Meetings”, these two international scientific symposia bring together about sixty scientists from 16 countries, including France, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States and Germany.

Researchers created the SAGI 2022 Astrophysics Workshop, which discusses “New Frontiers of Astrophysics in the Golden Age of Dust Polarimetry” and “The Golden Universe: Nuclear Astrophysics and Cosmic Rays in the Age of Multi-Messengers”.

The opening session, held on Monday 25 July, brought together around fifty brilliant physics students from three high schools, two from Binh Dinh Province and one from central Phu Yen Province.

On this occasion, Doctor Nguyên Trong Hiên (supervisor of the Astronomical Instrument Group, research specialist in the Astrophysics Division of NASA), proclaimed the launch of the Simons Astronomy Group at ICISE (SAGI). It is financed by the American Simons Fund.

Launch ceremony for the Simons Astronomy Group at ICISE (SAGI), 25 July in Quy Nhon.

The event brought together representatives from the Ministry of Science and Technology, People’s Committee of Binh Dinh, Flatiron Research Institute (American University California Santa Cruz), Institute of Astrophysics in Paris (France), etc. “SAGI will organize seminars and summer schools, in addition to collaborating on analyzing scientific data and supporting young researchers in the country, thanks to the participation of specialists, doctors, etc.”, says doctor Nguyên Trong Hiên.

Thanks to the prestige of two professors Trân Thanh Vân and Lê Kim Ngoc, and my enthusiasm, SAGI has obtained financial support from the Simons American Fund“, he shares.

According to Doctor Nguyên Trong Hiên, the idea to create SAGI was born when he attended a symposium on astrophysics organized in 2016 at ICISE. This event brought together scientists and organizations from Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, etc.

The origin of heavy elements
and the concept of parimetry under discussion

At “The Golden Universe: Nuclear Astrophysics and Cosmic Rays in the Age of Multi-Messenger”, about 30 scientists from 11 countries, including four Vietnamese scientists, focus on new research and discoveries regarding the origin of heavy elements such as than gold; the relationship between the elements and matter in the universe to the earth and to human life on earth. In particular, the interaction between cosmic rays and the Earth’s atmosphere that creates “cosmic rain”…

Opening session of two international scientific conferences on astrophysics, 25 July in Quy Nhon.

Regarding the symposium entitled “SAGI 2022 Astrophysics on: New Frontiers of Astrophysics in the Golden Age of Dust Polarimetry”, about thirty scientists from seven countries, including 18 Vietnamese, will focus on the concept of “humanity’s third eye” (parimetry), which allowing observation of the universe in addition to photometry and spectroscopy. This will allow astrophysics to develop in the future in the exploration of the universe…

This is the 3rde international scientific symposium organized since the beginning of July at ICISE, the first of which on “Topological quantum electrons interact in person”, held on July 11 and July 2e“The Physics of Neutrinos”, 18 July.

Text and photos: Câm Sa – Tuong Quan/CVN

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