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A Chinese scholar, a visiting professor at the National University of Singapore Business School, has been accused of fraud in his home country.

The news that she allegedly faked her college degrees to get jobs at prestigious institutions of higher learning was reported by South China Morning Post.

A check with the NUS website revealed that Professor Chen Chunhua, 58, is no longer listed and his profile appears to have been deleted.


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In response to Mother shipA spokesperson for the NUS Business School said: “We hold our faculty to the highest standards and conduct a supplementary faculty credential review. The faculty member will not teach any modules pending our review.”

Why the public checked it out

Chen, who is from Peking University, a top university in China, allegedly graduated from a fake university in Europe and claimed to be a “military adviser” for the tech company Huawei.

Members of the public in China confirmed his stated qualifications after Huawei released a public statement rejecting Chen’s claims about his ties to the company and its founder Ren Zhengfei.

This announcement sparked public scrutiny a few weeks ago.

Huawei says it’s all fake

“Huawei does not know her, and it is impossible for her to know Huawei,” the tech company said on July 6.

The company said it noticed “more than 10,000 articles online,” with some calling her a “Huawei military adviser” and even including Chen’s comments about the company.

It was even written that she had met Ren.

Huawei called these articles “false information”.

bizarre anecdote

The strangest anecdote stems from the fact that Chen allegedly remembered an alleged encounter she had with Ren.

This anecdote appeared in a popular article written by Chen published in early 2017.

She even went so far as to claim that Ren, the founder of Huawei, acted as her driver after he insisted on picking her up in person.

Chen responded with his own statement after Huawei’s statement was released.

She claimed that most of the articles that mentioned her and Huawei were not written by her.

She also claimed that the company was only a case study for her work.

What the public found

Online sleuths searching Chen’s background discovered that his doctorate was issued by an unaccredited university two decades ago.

The scholar is said to have obtained a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from the European University of Ireland in 2001.

But the organization does not have a website and is not among the 25 legitimate Irish universities recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Irish weather reported in 2011 that the “university” was operating without official approval from an address in Dublin and had no office, according to the SCMP.

In 2005, Chen continued his postdoctoral research at Nanjing University, according to his own biographical details.

She was even included in Fortune’s list of China’s 25 Most Influential Businesswomen for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018.

In addition to his tenure at NUS, Chen is also Dean of the Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) Business School at Peking University, as well as Professor and PhD Director of the School of Business Administration at South China University of Technology.

The issue of academic fraud has frustrated people in China, as there is intense pressure to get into top schools, while exams can be life-changing experiences.

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