How to connect WiFi without password on laptop, Android, iPhone? (100%)

This article is about How to connect to WiFi without a password? As we know it is really great to know everything and everyone but to know something we have to apply good technique to solve your problems easily. Through social media anyone can solve their problem so quickly and to solve our problems on social media we need to have a connection and through that connection we can have a solution to our problems.

If our mobile is connected to any type of connection then we really don’t need to worry if our smartphones are not connected then we need to connect our smartphones to any type of connection to investigate our problems. Some useful points are mentioned below to connect your smartphones without any password, let’s get more information about How to connect to WiFi without a password? Let’s start before it’s too late.
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How to connect to WiFi without password?

In this process you don’t need any kind of software or application. Most of the time we all have WiFi connections when we first connect to WiFi on our mobile phones, tablets, iPhones etc. then after connecting to WiFi, some days later we forget our WiFi password or when we go to our friends or family. at home we see the router and we definitely want to connect to WiFi and we also think to connect to office WiFi so when you want to connect to any WiFi without password you want to find where is the wifi router?

“WIFI router”

WiFi Router is a WiFi machine. After finding the WiFi router you will find the WPS push button and in most routers the WPS button is on the back of the router. Once you find the WPS button, you will only press this button once and you will see the WPS push button LED start flashing. This light will only flash for sixty seconds (60 seconds) and during this time you need to connect to your mobile, but if you lose this time, you need to press this WPS push button again.

“Go to mobile settings”

After pressing the WPS push button, go to the settings on your mobile and go to Wireless if I want to connect with Tahir Shaad Wireless then it asks for a password so press plus and click WPS push button. The connection process will begin, you need to wait three (3) five o’clock (5) seconds after the full process, your WiFi will be automatically connected to your mobile phone without password.
1. Press WPS
2. Go to mobile settings
3. Click on more
4: Press the WPS button

“Advanced Mobile”

Suppose in any advanced mobile when you go to settings then WiFi but you can’t find the WPS push button then click on the three (3) types of dots found on your mobile phones their preset is present click in advance and the WPS button is present, and your mobile can be automatically connected without a password.


It was about How to connect to WiFi without a password? I hope you have and that you all have enjoyed reading our articles, I hope you will not encounter any kind of difficulty in connecting your smartphones without password, but if sometimes you or your relatives or friends encounter any kind of problems they can read our articles and through these useful articles they can solve their problems. If this article is useful or will be useful to any of you, I ask you all to leave a comment.

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