Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone…)?

Warzone, H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite, Apex… The Battle Royale world has long been dominated by shooters. But with Fall Guys, a new trend is emerging. Is the game inspired by Takeshi’s Castle stealing the crown from its competitors?


  • Explosion of players
  • Why does it work?
  • Fall Guys does its H1Z1

Explosion of players

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has always been a work in progress. After an announcement that generated a lot of enthusiasm, the game from Mediatonic and Devolver recorded a remarkable release to say the least. 1.5 million players in less than 24 hours, best launch of a Devolver title on Steam, “the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever”, the peak of 123,000 players, 23 million hours of cumulative viewing on Twitch in one week… The game is very quickly becoming the fresh phenomenon of the summer of 2020, with all the problems that this also brings (cheats, overwhelmed and unavailable servers …) .

If the latter has pushed some players not to restart the game, this is not enough to bury Fall Guys, on the contrary. Three months after its launch, no less than 10 million PC copies have been sold. And then time passes, the enthusiasm wanes, the new players become fewer and fewer, the evenings are also dedicated to the game on Twitch. However, the title continues the small path until it releases on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, and goes free to play.

No more need to restart the machine and even more impressive. In 48 hours, no less than 20 million players got on the trail of Fall Guys. In two weeks, the number has more than doubled: Mediatonic proudly displays its 50 million players.

Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone...)?

That was three weeks ago. No new record has been announced since, but that doesn’t mean the servers are struggling to fill up. While the acquisition of new players is certainly slowing down, many are staying in the game. Alone on Steam, Fall Guys is especially lively. It is among the 50 most played games on Valve’s platform with 16,395 active players. as of this writing and peaked at 33,791 during the day on July 20 (nearly a month after it went free-to-play). A statistic that is all the more impressive considering the game is no longer available on Steam today. The players recorded by Steam statistics are therefore only players who acquired the game before it passed free-to-play and as an Epic Games Store exclusivity. So you can add all those who first started racing when the game became free and one can imagine many of them.

With an increase like that, one might be tempted to see Fall Guys top the bill and crush all the others Battle royale. But if Mediatonic’s game has made a name for itself, it is still far from the 100,000 million unique users of Call of Duty: Warzone, the longevity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and its more than 300 thousand daily players, or the famous Fortnite and its almost 300 million players per month. Especially since the explosion that Fall Guys experienced is easy to explain. Between dedicated events (Zlan, Fight For Sub…) and the transition to free-to-play, Fall Guys is in full growth. The challenge now will be to stabilize and be attractive enough to continue to welcome new players on a regular basis. Fall Guys therefore still has a long way to go to become the king of Battle royale, but so far it is on the right track, both on paper and in practice.

Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone...)?

Why does it work?

Shortly after its release, we had already taken stock of the potential and strength of Fall Guys. Nothing has changed since, Fall Guys is still one Battle royale refreshing and changing the codes for Battle royale classic, dominated by shooters of all kinds. About through its concept more focused on party game or by its sharp artistic direction, which even catches the eye of non-gamers, Fall Guys stands out from the clichés of the genre, and it feels good. Especially since it thus makes it possible to reach a much wider audience, including those who are normally hermetic Battle royale.

Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone...)?

You also need to consider the potential that the game has for content creators. Both fun and competitive, the game is perfect for organizing events with friends/colleagues that are fun to watch. Simple to understand, this kind of content is also enjoyable for players who know the game and those who have never launched it. As we know, being a game played on Twitch and Youtube can make a difference today. It is through this that Apex Legends had also managed to make itself known and to be a hit when it was released. Among Us had also given itself a second youth with an unprecedented enthusiasm on Twitch and others.

Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone...)?

And then there’s the co-op system that makes Fortnite a game that’s still as popular and lucrative as ever. Like its sidekick, Fall Guys offers a variety of cosmetics. Between the cute cats from Pusheen, the special Assassin’s Creed celebration, the flamboyant skin straight out of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT or those related to the worlds of Halo, Godzilla, Ratchet & Clank or even Horizon, there is something for everyone. We all know someone in our entourage who ended up opening up and dropping a small note to buy the skin or celebration of their dreams. Under these conditions, cosmetics become a real argument in favor of the game, which some will relaunch right after the announcement of a collaboration that makes them see.

Add to that content that changes quite regularly, but also developers who react quickly as soon as a problem arises. (the recent case of automatic purchases is a good example of this) and you get a game that is fun to play again. Again, it remains to be seen if Fall Guys will be able to hold this course to win the race. But what is certain is that the game has already succeeded in imposing its style. A very nice victory which results in the arrival of more clones.

Fall Guys does its H1Z1

Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone...)?

It was with H1Z1 that fashion for Battle royale. If today the game is little talked about and has even discreetly renamed itself, it will have had an undeniable impact on the video game landscape of the world. Although there were already mods Battle royale on Minecraft and DayZ, it was H1Z1 that first made it possible to popularize the genre with the general public, especially thanks to content creators. If the latter quickly fell back on PUBG, which is still very powerful today, H1Z1 will still be remembered as the first BR. In a different kind of BR, Fall Guys are taking on the same aura and are even already starting to see their little spirituals grow.

Do you know Stumble Guys? If this isn’t the case, you’d suspect, given its name, that it’s a clone of Fall Guys. And when you look at some gameplay footage, this is all the more obvious. Fruit of the work of the Finnish studio Kitka Games, Stumble Guys uses the same principle: crazy races and survival tests that follow each other until there is only one survivor. Stumble Guys is definitely a Fall Guys with fewer means and a more retro aspect. And yet it works!

Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone...)?

The title is a real hit. If we take our Steam stats from earlier, it’s in the top 100 most played games, about twenty places behind Fall Guys. But it is especially on mobiles that Stumble Guys is a hit. A few days ago, the game managed to rise to the first place in the top of games of the type “Action” on the AppStore. And if you want impressive figures, there is enough to do: 100 million Play Store downloads, 1.5 million daily players, $6.6 million in revenue in June alone… A year after its release, the game is a hit and proves that Fall Guys has opened a hole for a whole lot of small experiences of this kind. And even the big names in video games are now trying to get into it.

Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone...)?

Recently, an announcement from Nintendo also produced a deja vu effect. And it’s one of the Big N’s mythical mascots that will embark on crazy races: Kirby. Scheduled for this summer, Kirby’s Dream Buffet features a colorful universe and crazy races that consist of obstacles of all kinds, one after the other. Some plans are particularly reminiscent of circuits from Fall Guys, and we might have shouted at the clone if Kirby’s Dream Buffet wasn’t a party game can only be played up to four (locally and online). Notable difference, so it’s not one Battle royale. But the fact that players immediately connected with Fall Guys shows that the title has developed an important aura that few games can boast.

Fall Guys: soon the new king of Battle Royale (Fortnite, COD Warzone...)?

If, in terms of player count, Fall Guys is still far from stealing the crown from Fortnite, Warzone and others, it has already managed to change the face of Battle royale, like H1Z1 in its day. Mediatronic can therefore boast of being the forerunner of a genre that is likely to welcome many other children in the future. Fall Guys may never win the war, but it has already won a significant battle that makes it a good contender for the throne.

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