How do you choose your laptop and Mac computer case?

Today, almost everyone owns a laptop. The transformation of our consumption habits has favored the spread of the nomadic format, in leisure as in work. become decisive, your Mac or PC deserves to be pampered.

This is where covers and bags dedicated to storing and transporting your favorite tool come in. In this article, we offer a selection of the best protective laptop cases.

Why buy a computer bag?

A laptop is a precious and fragile item. Its portable nature exposes it to more bumps and shocks than a desktop computer. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to protect it.

To extend the life of your device, buying a dedicated case might save the day. Simple and functional, a computer case is the most viable solution to preserve your computer’s condition and make your life easier. You still have to make the right choice.

What is the best laptop bag?

This elegant bag compatible with any MacBook is easy to carry or put in a backpack or suitcase. The durable cover includes internal foam cushions to protect your device from dust, scratches, drops and shocks.

The additional front pocket can accommodate various items such as cables, chargers, mobile phones, external batteries or even pens.

The outer layer is spill resistant and helps keep the sleeve in pristine condition for a long time.

Color: Available in dark grey

Material : Mousse

Cut: 13.3 inches

JETech Laptop Sleeve – €15.99 Amazon

What is the most stylish laptop bag?

Available in both 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches, this one smart and elegant cover has a high quality felt on the outside. The suede interior guarantees your device a optimal protection against scratches and shocks.

With two compartments and two back pockets, storing your accessories will be the least of your problems. Gift of the house, the extra pocket will give you even more options for storing your belongings. Click on the picture to see the offer.

Protective felt cover HOMIEE – €16.99 Amazon

Which laptop sleeve provides the best protection?

This functional cover from the brand tomtoc Has thick padding inside which effectively prevents shocks and scratches.

With its front pocket with zipper (YKK zipper), you can store all the necessary accessories: chargers, USB cables, headphones, computer mouse… A safe game.

Color: Available in grey

Material : Nylon

Cut: 13 inch for MacBook Air/Pro

Sleeve for MacBook tomtoc – €25.99 Amazon

Which laptop bag is the most practical

With its two front pockets, this ultra-light case with one handle promises you enough space to store all your accessories: mouse, cables, mobile phone, memory card, external hard drives, pens…

The cover has multiple layers of protection to better absorb shocks and protect your computer from accidental scratches.

Color: Available in black, grey, red, blue, purple, pink, light blue, khaki

Materials: Nylon, polyester

Cut: 14-15.6 inches

Highlights : Easy transport, with side handle and two front pockets

Laptop bag with handle Voova – €20.99 Amazon

Which cheap laptop bag should you choose for small budgets?

This lightweight cover is ideal for easy transport, whether you’re holding it in your hand or putting it in a bag. The sleeve’s material is made of rubbery neoprene, which provides cushioned protection for your computer.

Color: Available in grey

Materials: Neoprene, rubber

Cut: 33.78 cm

Amazon Basics Portable Case Amazon

What criteria should you choose your laptop bag?

You have decided to buy a computer bag, but you do not yet know which model to choose? To help you make your choice, we have chosen the criteria that we think are the most important to know to best protect your PC.

  • The size: To store your laptop, be sure to determine your need. This means that you need to integrate the dimensions of your device as well as the cover in question. There’s no point in getting a case if it doesn’t protect your PC. You will find laptop sleeves in various sizes, suitable for 10 to 17 inch computers. If you choose a case that is specific to a brand or line of computers, it will theoretically be a perfect fit for your device.
  • Protection: to better protect your computer from dirt and scratches, remember to check the inside dimensions of the cover that we mentioned above. You need to prevent your PC from wandering too freely inside, in which case it would be vulnerable to blows. On the other side of the spectrum, make sure your computer is easy to pull out or retract. You don’t have to struggle with your case to protect your PC.
  • The materials: to prevent knocks and splashes, it is important that you take an interest in the materials that make up a cover. If you already know your computer is at risk of falling, go for it foam or rubber bag : it absorbs shocks more easily. In case you’re wondering, some manufacturers perform extensive testing. You can check this criterion in the description of the products.

What type of laptop bag should you choose?

Faced with the risk of splashes affecting your device, we advise you to choose a waterproof cover. You can check the degree of protection by looking at the product’s IP certificate. To see more clearly, here are the meanings:

  • IP53 protects against rain
  • IP64 protects against vertical water spray
  • IP65 protects against splashes from all directions
  • IPX7 protects against short-term immersion
  • IPX8 protects against prolonged immersion

The closing system must also be looked at. In most cases, laptop sleeves close with a zipper or a magnet. To last over time and avoid complications, the zipper must be strong and not easily stuck. Prefer models of standard YKK zipper. In the case of a magnetic closure, choose a strong magnet that is unlikely to open by itself.

The other features you need to know before choosing your laptop bag

If protecting your computer is to be a priority, there is nothing to prevent you from integrating the issue of design and comfort into your decision-making process. Covers are available in all styles. If it is selection of colors and patterns, you have a wide range of options. We advise you to adapt your choice to the use you make of your laptop.

Don’t neglect the practicality of your bag. The nature of the cover suggests that you move with it, it would be an advantage to be able to take advantage of extra space for integrate your accessories: computer charger, cables and USB keys…

For easier transport, some covers also have a handle. Others open completely and have elastic corners to hold your PC in place.

The laptop sleeve is pretty basic for the most part. If you want a more optimized storage system, then turn to a PC bag, a computer bag or a backpack.


You will understand by reading these lines that every laptop can find its cover. It all depends on your expectations and the specifications of your device.

To make the best choice, we suggest you browse our gallery and present the laptop sleeves that seem the most interesting to us.

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