‘forgotten baby syndrome’ explained

A car accident does not necessarily lead to injury. As proof, these three episodes should traumatize you!

The car, the theater of dramas

Burned by tragedies, better have a good heart by reading the news section. And it’s not themObject will take hold that should dry your tears. After discussing the consequences of the heat wave for burnt areas, the journalists left RTL see the unthinkable. How do you explain these family tragedies to listeners? The phenomenon of children left in the car multiplies at the speed of light. But with a little vigilance they could have been avoided. Without further ado, we remind you of the latest as well as the arguments from the scientific community. Far from defending parents, a recent research suggests a shift in the subconscious.

These two other cases are in the news

Near Saint-Nazaire, a member of the nursing staff is starting his rounds. A few minutes earlier, however, he had to drop off his child at the nursery. When the director did not see him arrive, he contacts the mother. And there everything will fall apart. Going to the hospital parking lot, we see that the car is still occupied. Inside the latter is an unconscious infant. Overwhelmed by the unprecedented heat wave in the month of June, he did not have the resources to defend himself. How can you forgive yourself for such an oversight? In this article, Object told you the point of view of the one who preferred to join him in paradise rather than face his share of responsibility in this sorrow.

Be careful, this type of case is unfortunately still too common. As proof, Eastern France in 2021 is not spared. No one will be able to forget the smile of this princess from the Vosges barely three years old. And when her father locks the car and leaves her, no one can understand his gesture. Although he will probably regret it for the rest of his life, he explains and laments his inability to go back and fix the situation.

When technology steps in

Latest free app update Waze offers incredible news. By setting a dedicated alarm, there is no chance in advance that the drama will occur. Shocked by the concept, some prefer to condemn this process. And you, what do you think, dear reader?Object ?

This oversight of the car is due to…

Be warned, justice examines these various facts. After ordering medical examinations, the police found that the owner of the car was in his normal condition. In other words, he had not taken any illegal drugs, much less drugs that could alter his psyche. And yet it is inside the brain that there would be an explanation. What we call ” missed from the subconscious would be identical to a missed action. So if we follow this line of reasoning, it seems that anxiety about performing certain unfamiliar tasks. And that’s accurate this stress, which has a devastating effect on ” hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex. » As we know, this duo is essential for sorting information. Dropping off children at daycare is one of them!

Top 3 reasons

Among these cases of hypothermia, an investigation is trying to determine the responsibility of the parent. More half relates to a” oversight’ of the father or mother. As for the little sacrifice, i 30% files, she would have entered the car alone without her relatives monitoring their safety. Accustomed to seeing it clear, drivers no longer have the reflex to bring them down. So a nightmare would be more likely.

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