A European think tank for Metaverse

The Metacircle mission

A blockchain-centric collective, Metacircle was jointly initiated by leading Web3 platforms exploring the potential of metaverses across various industries, aiming to promote networking, diversification, growth and collaboration among European leaders. Big names in the Web3 ecosystem have joined the collective since its inception in January 2022, including The Sandbox, DOGAMÍ, RTKFT, Stage 11, Bloometa and Arianee.

Metacircle’s mission is to collect industry insights, select top teams and companies, expand investment horizons and promote laws that enable the development of the Web3 ecosystem, while supporting projects that promise Europeans.

Metacircle will actively work with other like-minded members to build its blockchain ecosystem and set up various means of communication. These include a Web3 podcast, various workshops, physical and virtual events and webinars.

How does Metacircle support Web3, Metaverse projects?

Metacircle aims to develop a full-fledged ecosystem that provides access to a controlled network of service providers and industry leaders, including marketing, development, regulation and fundraising support. The collective plans to transform its government through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Metacircle will operate on an annual subscription-based revenue model.

Promotion: Metacircle supports projects in various verticals in the metaverse sector. By creating an ecosystem of leading metaverse organizations, Metacircle strives to create a unified community focused on promoting this industry on a European level.

Advocacy: As a collective, Metacircle seeks to be the voice of growth and space regulatory progress for the EU. It is about being at the forefront of new initiatives and creating a framework when the sector discovers its true potential.

Connections: Metacircle plans to sponsor projects between web 3 pioneers in gaming, television and entertainment. Members can together build crucial networks for the development of their activities.

Brainstorm: Metacircle will pave the way for innovative research and education about the metaverse. It will provide critical insights for the future of cutting-edge technologies.

If you have a web3 or metaverse project in the EU geographic territory and legal framework and would like to collaborate with Metacircle, you can find the relevant resources on our website, Metacircle.

Several workshops are planned from September, including one on 22 September. This will be the first opportunity to gather members in the city of Paris.

Bilal El Alamy, co-founder: “We are at a crossroads, this joint initiative is the unique opportunity to think collaboratively about the “open metaverse”. It will be a platform for fair representation in the ecosystem and credible information. Actual adoption will be the core of this initiative.”

Philippe Rodriguez, co-founder: “A new world is being built. In this new era for companies and societies, it is up to the players in this ecosystem to decide how they want to grow and manage it. This is what Metacircle stands for” .

Metacircle is registered in France as a non-governmental organization. Philippe Rodriguez and Bilal El Alamy will be the interim and temporary co-chairs of the collective, which will transition to DAO governance in the coming months.

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