Truck driver at 2.24 g, car in a window, serial lights … The various facts about this Friday in Auvergne in brief

The municipal workshops in Chauriat, located chemin des Mûres, were the target of a burglary on the night of Thursday 21st to Friday 22nd. An alarm would have been triggered at around 03.30, but the break-in was not detected. , then reported to the gendarmes in the community of Billom brigades that at about 06.30. After breaking open several doors and smashing a window, the perpetrator(s) made off with two thermal chainsaws, a screwdriver and a sander.

A truck driver checked for 2.24 gi Romagnat

It is a motorist circulating avenue Jean-Moulin, in Romagnat, who gave notice at around 5 pm this Thursday: a semi-trailer zigzagged worryingly on the road in the direction of Aubière-Romagnat. His driver, of Spanish nationality, was quickly intercepted by a crew of the Romagna municipal police, until the arrival of a gendarmerie patrol from the community of Romagnat brigades and their colleagues from the department’s security squadron. The 52-year-old driver’s blood alcohol level was measured at 2.24 g. Placed in sober, then in police custody, he was released after paying a compensation deposit of 1,500 euros. As for the truck, it is immobilized until another driver from the transport company based in Spain comes to pick it up.

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357 cartridges in a bag in the car in Riom

Following the report of a man parked in a parking lot with what appeared to be a long weapon, Riom police seized the night of Wednesday to Thursday around 1 a.m. in Cité Clémentel, in Riom. At the scene, they found a 25-year-old person, intoxicated, unarmed, but throwing an object into the bushes, which turned out to be car keys. Next to the vehicle a 12-gauge cartridge and inside a bag containing 357. He was arrested and taken into custody. He would have admitted possession of the cartridges, but not of a weapon. Despite searches made with a third party, it was not found. The man is subject to a plea hearing scheduled for January 16, 2023.

Attacked with a knife during a walk in Thiers

A 72-year-old man who was hosting his daughter in Thiers was taking a walk on Thursday evening when he was attacked at around 10pm on the rue de la Fraternité. A woman he did not know allegedly stabbed him and injured his neck. The septuagenarian managed to return to his daughter’s residence to call for help. The firefighters, as well as twelve gendarmes from the Thiers company, from Psig, the Research Brigade, the COBs from Lezoux and Thiers, were mobilized. Around one o’clock in the morning, the police were able to arrest and place a suspect. Mentally disturbed, this 36-year-old Thiernoise was to be automatically committed to a psychiatric hospital in the following hours. The vital prognosis of the victim is not engaged.


A car ends its race against a window in Yzeure

A driver lost control of his car after an illness on Friday, July 22 at around 16:30 at Place Jules-Ferry in Yzeure. The vehicle ended its race against the front of an old bakery. The eight-year-old was transported to the hospital for examination by the firefighters of Moulins. The national police and municipal police also intervened in this accident.

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Upper Loire

Undergrowth fire in Grèzes

A fire broke out in the undergrowth at a place called La Clauze, in the town of Grèzes, on Thursday, July 21, shortly before 8 p.m. The fire was quickly extinguished by the firefighters. Eight were on the scene and came from the rescue centers of Saugues, Le Malzieu (Lozère), Siaugues-Sainte-Marie and Le Puy-en-Velay. However, the flames managed to destroy 30 m² of vegetation before the fire was brought under control.

Three fires in the town of Frugières-le-Pin

Three fires broke out on Friday afternoon, July 22, in the town of Frugières-le-Pin, one of which, near the village of Aubagnat, destroyed about 2 hectares of meadow and harvested fields. He concentrated most of the firefighters’ attention, warned around Arriving at the scene, they discovered a fire in the slow spreading phase, on the side of the road, in a faded meadow and an already harvested wheat field. The first team worked to limit its spread by attacking it in the head and on its right flank. Once the reinforcements were there, the fire could be contained to prevent it from spreading to several surrounding fields and to round ball and foot depots. At around 17:30 the fire was brought under control, the numerous firefighters present made sure to drown it. The fire, which destroyed about 2 ha of vegetation, required the intervention of fifteen machines. The centers of Brioude, Saint-Ilpize, Lavoûte-Chilhac, Saint-Georges-Mazeyrat, Langeac, Arvant, Siaugues-Sainte-Marie and Paulhaguet were present.

Before joining their colleagues, the Paulhaguet firefighters had already had to intervene in a vegetation fire near the village of Le Pin in the same town: 1,500 m² of vegetation was destroyed. Finally, a third fire broke out in the afternoon in the very heart of the village of Aubagnat, destroying a few square meters of vegetation, it was taken care of by the inhabitants themselves. An investigation is underway, led by the Brioude gendarmerie company, to determine the origin of these fires.

A 60-year-old was injured in a two-wheeled accident in Sainte-Florine

A 62-year-old man riding a two-wheeler in Sainte-Florine was involved in an accident on Friday around 2.30pm in rue sous la Coste. The injured man was taken care of by the firefighters of Sainte-Florine and Arvant. He was taken to Brioude hospital.

A driver falls at the exit of a bend in Saint-Julien-Chapteuil

Shortly before 1 pm on Wednesday, the pilot of a motorcycle lost control of his machine. He was driving on RD 150 in the direction of La Pradette when, coming out of a bend, the two-wheeler lost its grip on the road. The driver complained of pain in an arm, raising fears of a fracture in the 19-year-old man. He was transported to the Puy hospital center.

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Start of fire on a combine harvester in Jullianges

On Wednesday evening at around 19:55, the firefighters were alerted by a farmer when a fire smoldered on his combine in Julianges, a place called Montreguerry. When the firefighters arrived, the farmer had had time to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Two injured in a collision in Yssingeaux

A collision took place on Thursday in Yssingeaux just before noon, this Friday, in Chatimbarbe. Three cars were following each other when the first suddenly braked to change direction. The second vehicle was surprised but managed to stop, which was not the case for the third car. The last two cars collided. Two people were slightly injured in the collision. A 77-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman were slightly injured. They were evacuated by firefighters to the Puy hospital center.

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