This group is preparing for the first concert in space!

Although it remains the preserve of a wealthy elite for now, access to space is becoming more democratic. In the wake of space tourism, its beginnings are beginning to give ideas to artists, such as the music group The Chainsmokers, who in 2024 plan to give a concert in space with the help of the WorldView community.

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Virgin Galactic’s business is primarily focused on space tourism. After the crash of its suborbital plane in 2014, the company built a new replica of SpaceShipTwo. Called the Unity, the vehicle was unveiled to much fanfare, as seen in this video.

What was science fiction a few years ago is now coming true. Going into space is no longer reserved for professional astronauts, since the development of space tourism. The phenomenon is such that some musicians are now planning to perform since the stratosphere.

that 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon for the first time in front of hundreds of millions of viewers. More than half a century later, The chain smokers intends to carry on the legacy of the American astronaut by becoming the first musical group to perform in the stratosphere.

The duo aims to perform in a pressurized capsule attached to a stratospheric balloon, 30 kilometers above sea level, according to many American media. This ambitious project was to become a reality in 2024 with the help of the space tourism company world view. ” We’ve always dreamed of going into space, and we’re excited to partner with World View to live this adventure and experience.The Chainsmokers said in a statement quoted by variety. We know that the views from both Earth and space becomes amazing and inspiring; and we hope that this flight will inspire us for our future projects “.

And make the stars dance!

For World View, this concert in space is above all an opportunity to democratize space tourism. UBS estimates that this market, which is still in its infancy, could be worth $4 billion by 2030. Currently, only a few billionaires and celebrities such as Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and William Shatner flew miles from Earth on private space flight.

But other space tourists already have their ticket in their pocket. Virgin Galactic announced in November that it had sold nearly 100 tickets at $450,000 each (€380,639) since August. The company would have already sold about 600 tickets between 2005 and 2015. At that time, their price was between 200,000 and 250,000 dollars. Despite this prohibitive price, Virgin Galactic has high hopes to secure 400 commercial flights in space per year and per space base.

Soon music scenes in space hotels?

Richard Branson’s company is not the only one betting on the development of space tourism. Orbital Assembly Corporation has announced its intention to begin building what it describes as “ the first space hotel in 2025. Its name: Voyager Station. It is supposed to be able to accommodate up to 440 people from 2027. The happy (and especially ultra-wealthy) passengers of Voyager Station will be able to enjoy all the modern conveniences, including restaurants, a movie theater, a spa and even a gymnasium. The latter will be converted into a concert hall after dark to allow ” Earth’s biggest stars [de faire] vibrate the station as you sail around the planet as one of them architects of the project, Tim Alatorre, to Dezeen.

To give a concert in space, many musicians dream of it, but no one has done it yet. Lady Gaga toyed with the idea in 2015 when she announced that she would sing the song aboard one of Virgin Galactic’s shuttles. This concert was supposed to take place during the Zero G Colony festival in New Mexico, where Spaceport America is based, a space airport managed by the space tourism company. In the end, it never happened, leaving the field open for The Chainsmokers to make history by becoming the first group to perform at mile height.

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