Sigem 2022 ranking: top 5 unchanged, 7 schools do not fill

Every summer, The Sigem ranking is eagerly awaited by business schools. And this year it shows very great stability compared to 2021. Result: HEC, Essec, ESCP, Edhec and emlyon remain in the Top 5. Edhec also confirms its lead over emlyon.

Among the notable variations, Neoma is ahead of Grenoble EC by one place and is number 8. Excelia steals 17th place from EC Strasbourg and ISC Paris takes 20th place ahead of Inseec.

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This year, SIGEM shows a loss of candidates. Thus, 9,875 students are registered this year against 9,959 in 2021.. However, the occupancy rate is still very good, according to Nicolas Arnaud, chairman of SIGEM, as it stands at 97.75% this year against 95.7% last year. “This is one of the best awards in the last ten years,” said the president of SIGEM.

In terms of attractiveness, seven management schools do not fill their ranks compared to ten last year. There are thus 88 students missing at IMT-BS – already below 59 places last year – where South Champagne BS has 45 available places, EC Strasbourg has 38, followed by ESC Clermont with 31 empty rows and Brest BS 24. Other schools do not fill the margin, as‘Inseec with 12 missing students and EM Normandie with 9 vacant ranks.

to note, ISC Paris raises the bar this year… by halving the number of open places from 100 to 45. Last year this school lacked 80 places with 20 integrated students out of 100 open places.

IMT BS’s drastic decline was “predictable”, according to its director Denis Guibard. “In the meantime, when we announced the number of open places and the eligibility, we had expected this decrease,” he analysed. We also decided to strengthen excellence at the school level to attract better students.

To do this, the school chose to raise its eligibility bar by more than 10%. “In my opinion, today there are three groups of business schools within Sigem. At the top, the proportion of qualified graduates is very low, below 30%, these are the most selective business schools. At the bottom of the table, there are schools with a very high proportion of eligible students – at 80% or more – which are therefore not very selective. And then there is a group of schools in the middle, including Neoma, Grenoble EM, Skema, but also IMT BS, which has a ratio of around 50 to 60% . It is our choice to be more selective”, explains Denis Guibard.

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This desire to be more selective in order to be more attractive has not been successful for this school, this year, and may have consequences. While economics and business preparatory courses lost almost 10% of their enrollment in 2021, many business schools fear for the future of the post-preparatory course. According to Nicolas Arnaud, “SIGEM, with the decrease in the number of candidates in preparation, will have difficulty retaining the approximately 7,500 affected”.

“The downward trend in the number of prep students is likely to be reinforced, especially when we see many business schools develop other courses such as bachelors to maintain a large number. And if at the top of the table, the business schools retain the same number of open spaces, in one or two years there will be no more candidates for the middle and lower schools”says the director of IMT BS.

An observation shared by Nicolas Arnaud, for whom “in the current state, if we are on mechanisms comparable to last year on the number of candidates, registered then allocated and if the number of places does not change not generally, there will be more schools that are not full or as many schools but in higher numbers“.

So between selectivity to welcome the best students and opening up recruitment to all candidates, which strategy is the best to maintain fertile ground and ensure the survival of all business schools? This year, the paying choice was undoubtedly to open the doors … but until when?

2022 Business schools Number of matches won or considered won Gap to the next school Difference compared to 2021
1 HEC Paris 22 100% =
2 Essec 22 96% =
3 ESCP Europe 21 98% =
4 Edhec business school 20 91% =
5 emlyon business school 19 96% =
6 Schema Trade School 18 75% =
7 audience 17 75% =
8 neoma business school 15 74% 1
9 Grenoble School of Management 15 82% –1
10 Kedge business school 15 63% =
11 TBS Education 13 88.0% =
12 Rennes School of Business 12 55.0% =
13 Montpellier Business School 11 66.0% =
14 BSB 10 58.0% =
15 ICN Business School 9 70.0% =
16 Institute Mines-Telecom Business School 8 56.0% =
17 Excelia Business School 7 60.0% 1
18 EM Strasbourg Business School 6 55.0% –1
19 EC Normandy 5 79.0% =
20 ISC Paris Grande Ecole 4 61.0% 1
21 Inseec Grande Ecole 3 58.0% –1
22 ESC CLERMONT Business School 2 70.0% =
23 SCBS-South Champagne Business School 1 =
24 Brest Business School 0 =

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