Get started with Bosch FreshUp: an atypical and effective clothes freshener


In 2022, Bosch innovates with a product that could not be more atypical: a pocket freshener designed to remove bad odors from textiles. We spent a month with FreshUp, here are our impressions.

Recently, we have received several devices that are supposed to delay the washing of clothes. After LG and Samsung’s respective Stylers (those versatile wardrobes used to freshen up clothes), here’s a new UFO in the linen care sector. We owe this innovation to Bosch, which offers a pocket cooler with its FreshUp! No more cumbersome than a pair of glasses in a case, FreshUp followed us wherever we went for a month.

FreshUp is suitable for the vast majority of textiles.

We therefore subjected it to several smell tests, including: a house move, two “fryer parties”, four summer evenings and a dozen sports sessions in the midst of all this agitation (yes, yes).

A nomadic and independent entity

Bosch FreshUp, designed to accompany the user wherever he goes, is above all a nomadic product. This small device is only 16 cm wide and 6 cm long, it weighs only 200 g, which is really little more than a large smartphone. Once stored in its travel case, it can easily be mistaken for a sunglasses case. Tucked away loosely in a particularly messy handbag, confusion was not uncommon.

Its use is simplified to the extreme as it has only one button which is used to turn it on. Under FreshUp we find the plasma’s action zone with a width of only 5 cm. Simply slide it over the part to be treated and press lightly to trigger the ionization process and get rid of odors. Most fabrics are compatible with FreshUp: cotton, wool, polyester, cashmere, linen, silk. However, Bosch advises against using its refresher with certain materials such as leather, fur (natural or synthetic) or even on pieces with many decorations (beads, sequins, sequins, etc.).

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FreshUp runs on a Li-ion battery, and according to the spec sheet, its run time reaches 60 minutes from a four-hour charge. Good point, Bosch chose a universal charger, equipped with a USB cable – Micro USB, which avoids multiplying the useless prisoners cluttering the cabinets.

Plasma to break down odorous molecules

The innovation of FreshUp lies in its technology, which omits detergent and steam to refresh the linen and therefore prefers plasma technology. Thanks to its effect, “charged particles by ion separation dissolve the bonds of individual odor molecules“, says the manufacturer. This method would also make it possible to destroy many pathogens (viruses and bacteria), which is no small asset in these pandemic times.

Bosch FreshUp

Bosch FreshUp uses plasma technology.

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As the plasma spreads its effect, FreshUp’s LEDs glow purple. For this it is necessary that the lower surface is in contact with the linen. When the LEDs are white, the device is ready for use.

Fantastic results

For our tests, FreshUp closely followed some people on the team’s adventures, starting with the ordeal of moving the writing of Digital, in the middle of a heat wave. After several fillings and lifting boxes, the device underwent its first test: ridding a cotton t-shirt of the smell of sweat. No duration of use is recommended and the process should be continued as long as the odor persists. Three rounds of the fabric are enough to erase the impregnated smell. To our surprise, it has been replaced by something not much more attractive: a chemical smell similar to that found in a laundromat. And the least we can say is that it is tough and hangs on the textile for about 30 minutes. The result is equally effective with cigarette odors: the plasma succeeds in easily removing tobacco odors and continues to spread its persistent smell.

Bosch FreshUp

The unit is also suitable for upholstery.

We had more fear with the smell of frying, which resists despite hours of ventilation. And it is this aroma that has caused the most problems for the refresh. We had to iron the cardigan five or six times on each side with the device to partially deodorize the linen. Afterwards, the fabric still smelled a bit of the smell of gravel mixed with what the plasma provided. After about thirty minutes of resting, the two mixed smells ended up fading and we could finally breathe.
Finally, we subjected the FreshUp to contact with a (synthetic) sports t-shirt, which absorbed the sweat of a cyclist from the editorial (has traveled 13 km under a burning sun), and the result is, once again, without appeal, the smell of sweat has completely disappeared.


If it wasn’t clear, it should be clarified that FreshUp is limited to odors and is not about laundry. The plasma will not actually be able to do anything to stains, even light and not very incrusted ones. Nevertheless, its effectiveness is such that it can objectively delay washing sessions, and as everyone knows, the variety of washes changes the quality of textiles. In this, FreshUp wins its daring effort.

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