Diablo Immortal: Players scandalized by the economic model of cosmetics

Game news Diablo Immortal: Players scandalized by the economic model of cosmetics

Diablo Immortal recently added a long-awaited feature, but players unfortunately still have a good reason to be angry…

Recently, Diablo Immortal updated its game and added long awaited free class switching feature. But the players had the misfortune to discover that not all of their acquisitions were automatically transferred.

Skins are locked to the class you bought them with

Players can since July 20, change class at no extra cost on Diablo Immortal and once a week. But those who did discovered one quite disturbing detail. In fact, when you change classes in Diablo Immortal, you will don’t keep your paid cosmetics and those unlocked via Battle Pass of the game. Actually, even in the case of identical skins (or equivalent) to two classes they are locked to the class you bought them with.

If we change class we end up with useless paid skins

Also note that Battle Pass cosmetics can only be unlocked once. So this means that if you unlock a Battle Pass skin with a class and then switch classes, you cannot “relock” the skin is about with your new class. If you change class in the middle of the match, you pass, so you can end up with an armor skin for one class, a weapon skin attached to anotheretc … No way to recover what you already unlocked.

The outraged players

The players obviously indignant at these rather dubious mechanics. On Save your and Twitter, have several condemned Blizzard’s practices. Above all, they are scandalized to note that in absolute terms it would be necessary spend 150 euros to get a skin for 25 euros for all classes.


NOTE: Paid cosmetics are not included when you change class.

I didn’t think I’d add myself to the chorus of complaints about this game; I knew why I had signed. But I’m here.

It is absolutely unsustainable at this point. All the cosmetics I’ve paid for, none of which should be class locked (they even show up as real armor when I see them in my inventory) are not available for a new class. Even the battle pass classes. Which means if I complete my Battle Pass and get the bloodsworn armor on the class I’m currently on, I’ll only be able to use the weapon on my previous class and the armor only on that class.

Terrible. $20-$30 wasted, unless I want to be stuck playing Wizard for the rest of my game time (in which case it won’t last much longer).

Diablo Immortal: Players scandalized by the economic model of cosmetics


Class-specific cosmetics and equipment do not carry over when changing classes. All equipment for your last class will be available in your inventory. Cosmetics you own for a class carry over and become available again when you return to that class.

Which cosmetic isn’t ‘class specific’, I thought it might be the Battle Pass, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Did you buy Diablo 2 cosmetics? When you buy them, you can see the whole class on the page. Is this class not specific?


Everything except the Inferno Within weapon appears to be class locked, regardless of whether it’s something all classes can use.

Let Diablo Immortal find another way to hit players! YES, CLASS CHANGE!! Actually, let’s not all players by forcing them to buy back all their skins, and for the same character you already bought them once… Wait, there’s more, you buy them for all classes of the same Grade.

That’s not really the problem for me, I don’t care. What matters to me is that every penny you put into a character is LOCKED to ONE server on ONE CHARACTER. If I spent $25 on a skin, I should be able to use that skin on another character if I’m the same class and gender. It’s greedy.

Source: Blizzard patch notes and Save your

Once again, it seems that Blizzard is at odds with its players, in Diablo Immortal.

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