Blizzard previews Evocative Dractyrs in Dragonflight – World of Warcraft

In an article just published, Blizzard provides an overview of the Dractyr Evocateurs currently available in the Closed Alpha of Dragonflight. Find it now below.

Your awakening is unprecedented and the time has come to claim your place in the world of Azeroth. Head to the Dragon Islands to discover your goal and awaken your winged partners to experience new adventures. Nothing can stop you anymore.

Created by Neltharion the Earthkeeper, the essence of dragons was combined with the adaptability of mortal races to create an elite armed force capable of shifting from draconic to humanoid form. Long immersed in a magical stasis, this army awakens to face a new threat on the Dragon Islands. It is on the forbidden borders that the adventure begins for the dragon bulls who want to recover their memories before they are confronted with a new reality.

To know about evoke dracthyr:

  • Grade: atmospheric
  • Two forms: draft bull and face
  • Armor Type: post armor
  • Types of weapons: intelligence, daggers, fist weapons, axes, maces, swords, clubs
  • Specializations: Destruction (DPS) and Conservation (Healing)
  • Adjustment : Horde or Alliance (choose during character creation)
  • Starting level: 58

Creating your Dractyr Evocator

Dractyr Conjurers are a new class whose adventures begin at level 58. To create your first dractyr you must have Dragon Flight. You can also only create one draft bull per realm. The following dracthyrs can only be created when a level 50 (non-dracthyr) character is in the realm where you wish to create them.

You will need to choose your faction during character creation, as well as various elements that allow you to shape your draft bull in your image. Many options and different combinations are available to you. (We wish you luck. You’ll need it.)

The color of magic

Dracthyr summoners were created to manipulate the magic of the five dragon flights to cast magic in a very special style. You will be able to see the fusion of these powers every time you cast a spell. Evokers also have two distinct specializations based on the benefits of different spells: Devastation and Preservation.

Havoc is a range of DPS specialization that uses the power of Red Dragonflight and Blue Dragonflight to deal devastating damage to your opponents.

Blue Magic: concentrated and overwhelming magic
Red Magic: quick and explosive power

Preservation is a healer specialization that combines the power of Green Dragonflight and Bronze Dragonflight to heal comrades in battle.

Green Spells: a healing talent and nurturing spells
Bronze magic: time manipulation

Each ability associated with Dragonflight will be mentioned in the spellbook as well as in the tooltip.


Dractyr Summoners have a special technique to To reinforce. This allows them to change the strength of the spell or technique used. Hold down a key on your keyboard or mouse to charge a spell. The more you charge, the more damage you deal or hit additional targets.

For example, one of the first spells you will be able to To reinforce is fire breath. fire breath can be used as a level I, level II, or level III spell. An indicator will appear when you cast this spell, which will tell you the level of the latter. If you release the key or move before completing the process without the spell reaching one of these levels, the spell will not be cast. If the indicator reaches one of these levels when you release the key, your spell will be cast at that level.

The damage dealt by Breath of Fire increases with each level. All techniques for To reinforce don’t work the same way and you’ll have to learn to master them as you go.

Assume your draconian nature

Dress bulls have two racial skills related to their inherent nature: Dragon Flurry and tail swipe.

Dragon Flurry: strike down your opponents with a mighty wing strike.
Tail Kick: tail swipe to send your opponents more than 5 meters into the air.

You learn that too Slide by using the jump key when you fall, which will allow you to slow your fall.

Instead of just sliding on the floor, feel free to take yours Flight to move around. To get the most out of this technique, work on your timing and start from a high place, such as the edge of a cliff.

Flight: Gather your strength and launch yourself into the air.

Enjoy your adventure as an elite dragon bull summoner with the various basic techniques available to you such as the spell living flame which you can use to deal damage to your opponents or to heal yourself.

Living Flame (Red): send a flickering flame at your target to deal fire damage to your opponent or heal your buddy.

Let’s get started

Some spells and techniques require a resource called Essence. The amount ofEssence you have appears below your character portrait and is represented by five small opalescent globes that will automatically fill over time. Fate Disintegration requires, for example, the use ofEssenceit’s also the first spell you’ll learn to master when you begin your adventure as a dragon bull.

Disintegration (blue): decimate your opponents with a burst of blue magic that deals damage Frostspell and slow their movement speed.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and we have many more surprises in store for you. We look forward to reading your comments and we look forward to seeing you at Dragon Islands.

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