Almost 10 million foldable phones were shipped in 2021

Foldable phones have been around for a while, and while they’re still considered niche, Samsung says nearly 10 million foldable devices were shipped in 2021 — a market that’s growing every year. Meanwhile, Apple has yet to join the foldable phone team.

As I mentioned the edgehead of the mobile division, Samsung TM Roh publishes a letter about the “mainstream moment” of foldable phones. In this post, Roh states that nearly 10 million foldable smartphones were shipped worldwide in 2021. This means that the foldable industry grew by 300% from 2020.

According to the CEO of Samsung, the company believes that foldable devices will play a bigger role in the overall smartphone market every year.

Last year we saw nearly 10 million foldable smartphones shipped worldwide. This is an industry increase of over 300% from 2020 and I expect this rapid growth to continue. We have reached the point where these foldable devices have become widespread and are increasingly in demand in the general smartphone market.

the edge He notes that these numbers differ slightly from recent data reported by industry analysts such as IDC and Ross Young, both of which claim the number is between 7.1 and 7.9 million device units. Of course, the smartphone market is much bigger than that – Samsung alone sold 272 million smartphones last year.

However, there is no doubt that more and more people are interested in buying a foldable phone, and Samsung is leading the way in this race. The Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip account for 70% of the foldable device market, and both are from Samsung.

When will Apple enter this lawsuit?

While plenty of companies have experimented with foldable phones, Apple doesn’t seem to have much interest in this market – at least not in the short term. The Cupertino-based company is rumored to be developing foldable iPhone and iPad prototypes in-house, but those devices are a long way off.

Earlier this year, analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young reported that Apple’s first foldable product is expected in 2025 “in the near future. Details about these devices are still unclear at this time.

This is not surprising as Apple has taken a more conservative approach in recent years. Given the large number of devices the company ships each year, Apple is likely to face more supply issues with the launch of a foldable phone at this point, as this technology is still limited and more expensive.

More so, some believe that foldable phones are not yet ready for mainstream users, as they still have some experimental aspects like the visible fold on the screen, not to mention the thinner materials.

Personally, I had the chance to use the Galaxy Z Flip 3 It is a wonderful device. Samsung does a great job with its foldable phones, and these devices open up a lot of new possibilities. But in some ways they still look more like prototypes than something ready for everyday use.

Meanwhile, Samsung is ready to announce the next generation of its foldable phones, and rumors suggest that they will have bigger batteries and less noticeable creases thanks to the new hinge system. You can find more information about the latest Samsung products at 9to5Google.

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