Yachts, luxury hotels … The quaternary wounds of the “little gestures” that the French asked for compared to the habits of the richest

Adrien Quatennens at the National Assembly in 2019 – DOMINIQUE FAGET / AFP

“5 billionaires own as much as 27 million French people!”, Adrien Quatennens paralyzed at the microphone at the National Assembly on Wednesday night. In the middle of a debate on indexation of private wages to the profits of CAC 40 – a proposal supported by the rebels during the third day of consideration of the bill on purchasing power – the deputy from the Nordic countries returned to the energy advice provided. by the government.

“The truth is that while Mr Véran advises the French to unplug, turn off the lights, a small minority, whom you refuse to talk about, roll over in yachts, in private jets and in luxury hotels,” he cut the majority in half a bicycle.

“For you it is not a reality!”, He condemned.

“Turn down the air conditioner a bit”

A few hours earlier, the government spokesman had indeed invited the French to “small gestures” without restrictions to save energy.

“When we go on weekends or on holiday, we pull out as many sockets as possible because otherwise they continue to consume energy,” Olivier Véran stressed during the report from the Council of Ministers.

He had also called for turning off the wifi, “lowering the air conditioner a bit” and turning off the lights in the rooms that were not used, hoping to achieve at least 15% savings with these anti-spill reflectors.

The majority’s position on these energy-saving measures and during Wednesday’s debates on the pay rise has embittered the rebellious 32-year-old MP. Sizzling during almost all the debates in the third exam session, this son of an EDF director condemned, according to him, the government’s denial of the big fortunes and the super profits.

“Two billion fortunes, + 900% in one year!”

“If we listen to you, the rise in prices is falling from the sky, it is not speculation,” he began his indictment. “If we listen to you, the inflation of superprofits and big fortunes, it does not exist! In the length of the debate, this reality you are fleeing from it,” he incriminated.

“Five billionaires own as much as 27 million French people. Meanwhile, Mr Bruno Le Maire comes to see us and tells us: before they share the wealth, it must be produced. It is extremely produced!”, Exclaimed at the microphone of the Assembly the coordinator of Disobedient France

Adrien Quatennens then began the enumeration of the profits of certain large French fortunes in the past year: “If this is not a reality, then here are some very concrete examples”, he introduced before the construction: “Mr. Alex Bouaziz, Deel company … Small.

“This is the reality that you deny while offering the large mass of Frenchmen your bonuses and your cute checks,” he concluded annoyed.

“Efforts based on its CO2 footprint”

On BFMTV last Friday, if he had recognized the public utility of energy sustainability, he first called for it “of the very rich who consume and pollute the most”.

“You can turn down the warming, but in 10 minutes of space tourism, Jeff Bezos emits more CO2 than the poorest billion of humanity in a lifetime!”, He condemned.

This Thursday morning on RTL, the Minister of Energy Conversion confirmed that “all gestures are important”. Christophe Béchu, however, brought a nuance that has been done a bit so far in the director’s voice.

“Everyone is responsible, those in working – class neighborhoods less than those with more resources and a high CO2 footprint.

“Everyone has to make an effort according to their CO2 footprint,” he urged. Some insistent remarks from the left from the left at the Palais Bourbon appear to be beginning to be printed.

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