The Health Data Hub will lead the European Health Data Area

On 19 July 2022, the Health Data Hub, a platform for centralizing a huge amount of health-related data, announced in a press release that it has become the executive unit of the pilot project on the European Data Space for Health. The Health Data Hub will select sixteen partners from around ten European countries to form and lead a consortium that will develop and implement this space.

Health Data Hub, leader of the pilot project European Health Data Area

Following a call for projects launched at the end of 2021 by the European Commission, the latter formalized its choice. It will be the Health Data Hub, the French public interest group responsible for establishing a platform that collects all data from health insurance and hospitals, whose mission will be to build, with the assistance of several organizations, the first version of the future European Health Data Space (EDS).

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EDS will be one network of data source platforms »Based on strict rules, and whose resources will enable us to improve research, innovation, patient safety, develop policies and statistical surveys. Thus, all the health data platforms of the participating countries will be interconnected. The consortium must also assess the feasibility, interest and capacity to implement such an infrastructure in the EU.

For the time being, the rules that will govern this entity must be approved by the European Parliament and the European Council. According to Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, EDS ” changes the essentials of the digital transformation of healthcare in the EU and puts citizens at the center, enabling them to control their data in order to benefit from better healthcare “.

Among the partners that Health Data Hub has chosen to be part of the consortium are the Belgian health agency Sciensano, the Finnish social and health data authorization authority Findata or the Directorate-General for Hungarian Hospitals.

It chose Health Dat Hub, even though it is still hosted by Microsoft Azure

The European Healthcare Project is in the eyes of several organizations trying to counter or better regulate its arrival. Recently, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) and the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), two bodies in the European Union specializing in data, published their recommendations for better protection of health data. , referring to the system that will be implemented. by Health Data Hub. Nothing obliges the French platform to follow these recommendations.

The Health Data Hub was chosen while still hosted by Microsoft Azure. This choice has been questioned by several digital and political actors for several years. The Anticor Association had seized the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office given that the French government had chosen Microsoft Azure without putting it in competition with European solutions.

Microsoft’s choice had also become questionable when Privacy Shield, a text that allows data transfer from Europe to the US and vice versa, became invalid. When Microsoft was a US company, the risk was conceivable. However, the Council of State had rejected any fears as a change required Microsoft to receive approval from Health Data Buh for any data transfer ” outside the specified geographical area “.

Because of these two controversies, the French government had decided to put an end to the Health Data Hub, which had not recovered the data from the former National Health Data System (SNDS).

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