Thanks to Bouygues Telecom, the Xiaomi 11T has everything from an advanced smartphone, except the price

Bouygues Telecom continues to offer great deals in the field of rotation of smartphones that accompany their Sensation packages. Currently, the Xiaomi 11T is presented with a great deal that drops to 1 euro (+2 € / month).

Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro. // Source: Xiaomi

It was in September last year that Xiaomi unveiled its 11T model, a smartphone with an extremely solid technical sheet at a particularly affordable price (a habit with the manufacturer). its strengths? XXL autonomy, a first-class design supported by an excellent panel and a technical sheet aimed at versatility.

Already interesting, as the price was around 450 euros, the Xiaomi 11T is now an excellent deal thanks to the Sensation 5G 170 GB package offered by Bouygues Telecom. By subscribing to this offer for two years, you will be able to get 11T for 1 euro (+2 € / month) thanks to an ODR of 50 euros. Also note that you can benefit from an extra exchange bonus of 50 euros if you choose to return your old terminal to the operator.

120 Hz display, 120 W fast charging and 108 megapixel sensor: Discover the strengths of the Xiaomi 11T

The Xiaomi 11T presents itself as a more affordable version of the 11T pro (which we awarded a very good 8/10 during our testing), thanks to the abandonment of the Snapdragon 888 in favor of a SoC MediaTek Dimensity 1200.

A rather significant difference that prevents it from reaching the same performance levels as the Pro model, but which does not prevent it from offering excellent performance, especially on the game part. This difference also enables it to achieve autonomy and get the most out of it. of the game. of the 5000 mAh battery accompanied by 120 W fast charging.

Aside from this difference, the Xiaomi 11T is almost identical to its Pro counterpart. On the design side, we find strictly speaking the same racy profile, though quite classic with a flat screen with thin edges. We will also notice the presence of beautiful rounded corners and a very discreet punch on its front facade. This case can accommodate a 6.67-inch AMOLED 120 Hz panel, which provides a quality image, even in bright light.

The three colors of the Xiaomi 11T. // Source: Xiaomi

Finally, let’s end this overview by grabbing the photo part of this Xiaomi 11T. The least we can say is that the manufacturer has not gone too far in equipping its smartphone with a well-stocked photo block:

  • 108-megapixel main sensor that opens at f / 1.8;
  • 8-megapixel wide-angle lens that opens at f / 2.2;
  • 5-megapixel macro that opens at f / 2.4.

What gives him a good versatility in photo as in video and allows him to take beautiful pictures in most situations, day and night.

Why choose the Sensation 5G 170 GB plan from Bouygues Telecom?

The 5G 170 GB subscription has many benefits that make it one of the best deals at the moment. With comprehensive network coverage covering almost 99% of the population and 93% of the territory according to the latest data provided by ARCEP, you will be sure to never be disconnected from your loved ones.

Especially since the Sensation 5G 170 GB package, as the name suggests, has an impressive data envelope (170 GB therefore, of which 80 can be used when traveling in Europe, DOM, USA, Canada, Switzerland). But this is not its only asset. Subscribing to this package also means getting a mobile for a buck. In this case, Bouygues offers you Xiaomi 11T for 1 euro (+2 € / month) only thanks to a refund offer of 100 euros.

Xiaomi 11T on a black background

To complete this already well-stocked offering, please note that the Sensation 5G 170 GB package also benefits from Bouygue’s Smartphone Advantage. It is this last option that allows you to lower the price of Xiaomi 11T drastically. You can also take advantage of advantageous prices when you decide to change your smartphone, or get a loan terminal in case of a problem (breakage, breakdown, theft, loss, etc.). Last benefit: 30% discount if you ever get your phone repaired at Bouygues’ partner brand: WeFix.

Sensation 5G 170 GB package in summary:

  • 170 GB mobile data in 4G and 5G, of which 80 GB can be used in Europe, overseas departments, USA, Canada, Switzerland;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and abroad;
  • unlimited calls to mobile phones in the US, Canada, China and landline phones at over 120 destinations;
  • other Internet SIM cards are offered;
  • Smartphone benefit included.
Screenshot 2022-07-15 at  12.19.53
An overview of Bouygues Telecom’s offer page. // Source: Bouygues Telecom.

If you choose to keep the number at the time of subscription (and you have no reason not to), the package will 5G Sensation 170GB sees its price plummet to 31.99 euros a month the first year and then goes to 48.99 euros the following year. If you are already a Bbox customer, you will receive a further reduction of 6 euros per month during your commitment.

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