Puy-Guillaume launches a study to invest in a coworking space (Puy-de-Dôme)

Since the onset of the health crisis, many habits have been disrupted, especially at work. In order to meet the new expectations of the users of the Thiers Dore and Montagne area, the municipality of Puy-Guillaume is currently considering something new: to create a common work area in the municipality. In order to be successful with this initiative, a study will be launched until 24 August. Users will be able to share their expectations regarding this creation. In particular, each answer will make it possible to assess the potential of teleworkers in the area, to measure employers’ interest in teleworking in a common site and to identify the equipment and services that need to be developed for the site to be operational.

A coworking place for users of the territory

Grégory Villafranca, Secretary General of the City Hall of Puy-Guillaume, explains the origins of this study: “The initiative is part of the approach to tomorrow’s small town and in Puy-Guillaume 2040. Our municipality launched this project since the arrival of Covid in 2020 has increased The idea is to identify a place, private or public, that can accommodate a common work area according to the wishes expressed by the inhabitants.This initiative will benefit employees, the self-employed, entrepreneurs, private or public employees, residents and associations.

Close-up of Cataroux’s future innovation center in Clermont-Ferrand

So far, seven to eight locations have been targeted. The most suitable building will be chosen according to the answers. This needs to be refurbished and work will be done on the site so that the residents can get the best out of it. The project will not necessarily be located in the city center. The municipality does not want to close the doors. Grégory Villafranca provides details:

We want to provide solutions for teleworking. Whether it’s with a coworking place or a place with machines, we listen.

The Secretary-General of Puy-Guillaume insists that “the project is only at its beginning”, and reflections will be started later to implement this initiative. Relais d’Entreprise’s design office, a specialist in this sector, has nevertheless already been chosen. In addition to this study, two other projects are under consideration: one on the revitalization of the city center and the other on the modernization of the city’s facilities.

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Vincent Maheux

If you would like to answer this question, please contact Puy-Guillaume City Hall on or click here.

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