Payroll and freelance: how to start a business?

Payroll presents itself as a solution tailored to the self-employed who want to start their business and at the same time enjoy the same benefits as employees.

Benefit from employee status while remaining independent

Therefore, the steps to get started with payroll are quite simple for business creators. How do you start your activity as a carried employee? Overview.

Create your self status

Any worker can decide to enter the job market as a freelancer. To this, to test its activitythe professional can create a micro-enterprise.

He must then take the necessary steps URSSAFdirectly on the online portal provided by the government.
By filling out the form on the Internet, the self-employed person undertakes to register his business in the law office of the Commercial Court.

Therefore, the freelancer receives within a few days, provided he has sent all the necessary documents, one Kbis allows him to begin his work tasks.

However, as a precautionary measure, some freelancers prefer to be supported by a payroll company. ” The latter can be a guarantee of security and protection while guaranteeing autonomy in the performance of missions.. », As stated by a CEGELEM expert

Launch a regulatory activity in payroll transport

The freelancer who wants to start his activity in payroll porting must ensure that he has the right to pursue his profession within this legal framework.

The activities allowed in payroll transport are as follows:

  • Intellectual services (coach, coach, lecturer, webmaster, developer, web editor, etc. These activities are based on three criteria:
    • Cooperation ;
    • Adaptability;
    • Immateriality.
  • Commercial and wellness services:
    • Sale or resale of property;
    • Alternative medical professions: acupuncturist, hypnotherapist, magnetizer, kinesiologist, naturopath, osteopath, sophrologist, yoga teacher, reflexologist, etc.
  • Craftsmanship, such as:
    • Hairdresser at home,
    • Cosmetologist at home,
    • Etc.

Find a payroll company

There are payroll transport companies all over France. Thus, the freelancer can quite consult online directories list all the payload carriers to compare them and choose the most appropriate one.

Therefore, it is worth considering:

  • To Administration fees that the payroll transport company undertakes the employee’s missions;
  • HAVE the accompaniment offered by the company (training, workshop, help finding tasks, etc.);
  • On the company’s area of ​​expertise (some specialize in IT jobs, for example);
  • To proposed protections (social, medical, pension, unemployment, civil liability, etc.);
  • Etc.

If the payroll company lives up to your expectations, then so be it provide for the signing of two contracts:

  • that employment contract between the independent consultant and the umbrella companywhen a mission is proposed to the employee brought.
  • That membership agreement with the payroll transport company which defines the contours of the partnership between the self-employed and the umbrella company (administration fees, additional services, etc.).

Start work tasks in payroll

Once your agreement has been signed with the payroll transport company, you have all the keys in hand find your customersand total autonomy.

It may also be the umbrella company that is directly contacted by customer companies looking for a professional in which case you will be informed quickly.

If the mission interests you, you will have to sign an employment contract to perform the desired tasks (max 18 months). The payroll company takes care of that the administrative linked to this mission, but also its billing and your payment. It stands out as a trusted intermediary which allows you to focus on the high value-creating tasks in your business.

Each job must be the subject of an employment contract. You establish your remuneration (average daily price) according to your expectations. When you are not working, you do not receive any remuneration.

Payroll is therefore a solution that is suitable for freelancers who want to test their activity, with the support of a transport company. This allows him to focus on the very heart of his job without having to cope with time-consuming administrative tasks. In addition, as an expert supported by a porting company, you create a professional network, and strengthen your credibility with your peers before you start all alone.

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