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Passed on by several media outlets, Lidl’s LLD offer on an electric car deserves to be analyzed in more detail. Both on the price and on the model offered, its interest is limited.

Lidl’s announcement of the arrival of an electric car in its catalog caused quite a bit of noise. As usual, the store chain has unveiled an exciting electric vehicle at a particularly aggressive price. In fact, FINN, the model for this offer, was offered at a monthly rate of 222 euros without contribution. But is it really such a favorable price for a car made by a brand, Elaris, that is little or not known in our regions? On closer inspection, this car seems less attractive than it appears at a bargain price. As for his arrival in France, it is hypothetical at best. We explain why.

Is 222 euros / month really cheap?

Here is the first disadvantage of Lidl’s offer. The German brand communicates in collaboration with the rental company Like2Drive at a monthly price of 222 euros. The first clarification to be made is that this was an introductory offer, limited to only 100 vehicles and only during the offer’s launch period. In fact, the price for this rental is 269 euros / month. But who cares, because even at the bottom price, Lidl’s offer is not particularly interesting.

Without even getting into the car comparison game (don’t worry, we do it very quickly), the price, as Lidl shows, is nothing extraordinary. For comparison, it is possible to find a Dacia Spring (120 euros / month), a Fiat 500 (119 euros / month) or a Hyundai Kona (99 euros / month) at a lower price. The difference ? They charge a substantial initial rent, which can range from 2,000 to 3,000 euros. A significant sum, of course, but which can almost be covered by, for example, the restructuring premium.

Finally, at a time when the government is working on the development of an electric car offer for 100 euros a month (at least not before 2023), this amount of 222 euros, allegedly interesting, should have aroused less enthusiastic comments.

Who wants to ride an Elaris FINN?

Now let’s get to the most important thing: the car. Lidl’s offer indicates that it is a FINN, a car manufactured in China by the brand Elaris. It is a 48 hp micro city car with a 32 kWh battery (approx. 200 km real autonomy). Nothing scary so far. On the other hand, we could clarify that it is a two-seater car, where our examples of competing offers only concern four-seater vehicles.

As for FINN, it is actually a rebadged vehicle and is therefore sold as a white label. FINN is actually a Dorcen E20, a vehicle that was marketed three years ago. Again, nothing shocking, except that the manufacturer Dorcen, founded in 2018 … no longer exists. The Chinese man behind FINN went bankrupt in 2021. Its assets have since been acquired by BYD and Niu Technologies, two competitors. However, there is no indication that production of E20 / FINN continued. The models rented by Lidl and Like2Drive could therefore very well be out of stock to sell.

Will Lidl’s electric car be marketed in France?

Lidl’s offer is currently limited to Germany and Austria and actually has a small chance of crossing the border. On the one hand because the distribution company’s partner, Like2Drive, is one start up whose activity is concentrated in these two countries. Lidl could certainly find another partner for the French market, but it would then be necessary to find another similar vehicle, in so far as FINN production appears to have been stopped.

Finally, this “cheap” electric car looks like an excellent marketing initiative from Lidl, and it is unlikely that the German chain’s French customers will one day be able to drive an Elaris FINN. But is it really serious?

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