Why choose a coworking space instead of buying premises?

In its most classic form, the company imposes closed frameworks that are no longer adapted to the reality of the labor market and the development of companies. Coworking spaces in Paris are becoming more democratic and offer a completely new approach to the working world. Is it relevant to your business? What can such a change do for you?

A large space for discussion and sharing

Coworking allows multiple companies, regardless of whether they operate in the same area of ​​expertise or not share an optimized workspace. This promiscuity, far from being a handicap, very often proves to be a formidable springboard for all the main characters. The absence of a lease leaves great freedom of action to each company, which can then concentrate on its own development. Along the way, exchanges between professionals who frequent the coworking space stimulate the sharing of experiences and the creation of quality professional connections.

No major investment required

A coworking space is not just a place where you can gather your teams, temporarily or in the long term. You will also find all the necessary equipment for start or perform your activity.

  • office supplies,
  • telephone equipment,
  • arrangements of quiet corners or, on the contrary, meeting rooms,
  • a supply of energy and water whose costs are shared and therefore significantly reduced for each company,
  • stable and unlimited wifi connection.

These are all small expenses which, when added together, add up to a large burden for a company in the process of creation or development. The coworking space really allows you to do that focus on the launch of your project, as well as its future.

Coworking Paris, a decisive choice for self-employed entrepreneurs

Choosing to start your business through a coworking space in Paris has many advantages for freelancers:

  • you have a Business addressto receive your customers and potential business partners,
  • -one head officeapart from your home address, gives credibility to your business,
  • The coworking space is a great help for separate your family life from your professional life.

An offer that meets your needs

The approach to working life has changed radically in a few years. A majority of companies have adapted their methods to develop for that purposeimprove working conditions, optimize output and reduce overall costs. Occupying a coworking space in Paris is a flexible option. You can consider this solution over a period of a week, a month or the time of a peak in activity before returning to telecommuting. It is a question of offering a solution adapted to all professionals. The youngest companies benefit from this, as it is no longer necessary to commit to a long-term lease or invest in furniture.

Coworking Paris: boost your creativity

If we closely observe the organization of a coworking space in Paris, it is undeniable that this new working model stimulates creativity. The teams cross paths, mix their ideas, receive experiences from other professionals and energize their exchanges. It is not uncommon to see mergers take place in this way, innovation projects take shape quickly and solid bonds are forged between companies. Coworking spaces create a new dynamic.

The coworking space, your best argument for attracting talent

The success of your business also depends on it the quality of the relationships to and between your teams. Today, young talents look not only at the prestige of an address or a brand, but also the comfort of their surroundings, the modernity of working methods, as well as the possibilities for evolution. All this provides coworking spaces. This increases your chances of surrounding yourself with the best people while making them want to stay.

What kind of coworking spaces are there in Paris?

Just as there are a multitude of companies and therefore of specific needs, several major classes of coworking spaces have emerged over the past decade. To define what suits you best, you will therefore have the choice between:

  • business centers, where you will mostly encounter senior employees. These premises are generally located in the center of the cities,
  • call centers, is frequented by profiles of entrepreneurs in permanent telecommuting. The latter are mainly salaried. These places are more remote,
  • digital production workshopsor more commonly known as “innovation sites”: these spaces are focused solely on production,
  • urban workspacestargeted by start-ups.

As the manager of coworking spaces Deskopolitan explains: “Today, entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for spaces that allow them to reconcile work and private life. Kindergartens and integrated sports rooms are examples of this. »

The coworking space has become a must in the Paris region. Depending on the employees’ profiles and their goals, coworking spaces are diversified to provide comfort, work quality and social life to entrepreneurs who are often isolated.

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