How to download and install Netflix on Windows 11/10 laptop in 2 ways

Do you regularly use the Netflix app on your mobile and possibly also use it on your laptop or Windows PC? Fortunately, it is now also possible to use the Netflix app on your computer. Learn here the 2 different methods download and install netflix on windows 11 or windows 10 pc and laptop.

In the meantime Netflix has long been one of the most well-known video-on-demand providers, and for good reason. After all, Netflix has an amazing collection of different movies, series and TV episodes, and you will never miss a single trending project and always have access to all Netflix features, wherever you are in the world. All you have to do is create a Netflix account, choose a package and download the Netflix app to your smart TV or other mobile devices.

What you will learn in this guide:




Although it is not a video hosting site like YouTube, it is one of the platform’s biggest competitors and as such deserves inclusion in our list. Netflix offers a streaming service that users can use from home or on the go. It also provides customers with specific suggestions based on their previous reviews.

This California-based video streaming platform has a large and diverse repository of audiovisual content. However, he also creates original films and television programs, some of which have received critical acclaim and widespread success.

Netflix always releases high-quality original material for all tastes and ages, thanks to partnerships with some of the industry’s leading content creators and distributors. The company’s success can be attributed in part to cutting-edge streaming technology, as well as a steady stream of high-quality originals. This involves experimenting with interactive TV shows and creating your own compression technology.

Netflix has expanded its presence in over 190 countries, including the UK, countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Some places have limited programming, though, and you can’t watch prime-time TV shows like you can on competitors like Hulu.

Advantages and disadvantages of Netflix


  • Unique titles. As a pioneer in original content, Netflix offers high-interest movies and shows.
  • Control of parents. Create multiple accounts to easily regulate the content exposed to young viewers.
  • A large collection of content is available. From comedies and dramas to reality shows, documentaries and children’s shows, there is something for everyone.
  • Completely uninterrupted streaming. Netflix has many great features and is compatible with many different devices.


  • There is no option for live streaming. Live TV shows and current seasons are not available to users.
  • There is a lack of overall content. Despite Netflix having a global presence, not all of its material is available in all countries.
  • There is no free trial available. Netflix used to provide a 30-day trial to new subscribers, but the service was discontinued in October 2020.
  • That may be quite sufficient. Especially if you want to upgrade to the Premium plan.

Method 1. Download and install Netflix on Windows 11/10 PC or laptop from Microsoft Store

So here are the 2 methods to easily download and install Netflix app on your Windows laptop:

Step 1. Go to the Microsoft Store, then search Netflix.

2nd step. Once found, click Obtain if you haven’t installed it previously. Otherwise click Fitter.

Download and install Netflix on Windows

Step 3. Once it is installed, click . If you have a Netflix account, just click sign in.

Download install netflix windows 2

  • click on Novice.
  • choose Next.
  • Choose the plan that suits you and click Next.
  • Create a password to start your membership and click Next.
  • Configure your payment.

Step 4. Now enjoy Netflix on your laptop.

Method 2. Install Netflix on laptop via Microsoft Edge

In addition to installing the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store, you can also use the Microsoft Edge browser to install this app.

How to do it:

Open the new Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser and offer it Netflix official website.

Click on it 3 tips menu and then select apps > Install this site as an application.

Download install netflix windows 4

choose Fitter.

How to download and install Netflix on Windows 11/10 laptop in 2 ways

Download and install Netflix on Windows

Select the location of your favorite app and click Allow.

How to download and install Netflix on Windows 11/10 laptop in 2 ways

These are the 2 methods to download and install Netflix app on your laptop on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

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