Day (almost) without a car in Orléans: if “A gentle Sunday” were to fall on a Saturday, it would already be much less

It is a matter of doing “carefully” therefore without risking pointing to anyone, promoting soft mobility, walking, cycling and also public transport, free of charge that day.

Stunning success with the new Olivet skate park

“We encountered a rejection from merchants”

If the association Dammo set up a year ago to defend the place in the city for pedestrians, cyclists and people with reduced mobility, looks pretty good in the news, its president, Yann Pierens, does not turn on all that: “Associations and collectives attended the preparatory meetings,
originally, he points out, the operation was to last all weekend (that of Journées
of inheritance), but we encountered the refusal of traders.

He adds:
“It’s a small step, but still a step forward. I hope we can do even better

the next time. It’s good to organize it on a Sunday, but walking and cycling every day in Orléans is still a real hassle. “

On that day, the entire city center east of the Royal and Republic streets will be closed to engines – except the emergency services and police. The Quai du Châtelet will be one-way to give motorists access to the Charpenterie car park.“It will allow cyclists to use the road and leave the platforms for pedestrians, as recommended by the Metropolitan Cycling Plan”

explains Yann Pierens. And to call for another edition, which we would inevitably no longer call “A Gentle Sunday”.“We would have to expand the perimeter and organize it on a business opening day, it would prove that a city without cars has no influence on their turnover.

all studies show that ”, he assures.

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Traders mostly seem “against”

The majority of the shop owners surveyed, this Tuesday, in the city center (ten), rather seem to see the news with a good eye, as it takes place on Sundays, when they are closed.

If “A Gentle Sunday” happened to fall on a Saturday, it would immediately make a lot less.

On the side of the Jott Sportswear store, one would fear seeing customers, “who often come outside of Orleans, fall back to Cap Saran”. No better for TOC, specializing in kitchen utensils: “Saturday is the day we sell our biggest pieces, our food processors. Without cars, customers would no longer come.” The argument goes …

“Like a New World” In fact, it is hardly there at Far & Sønner, where we would be 100% for “A Saturday in sweetness”. It must be said that Lionel Rabouan, the director, has some expertise in the matter: “I ran the Besançon store for two years, where this type of operation took place every month. We have never seen a drop in revenue, on the contrary. It brings out the local clientele, they take the opportunity to rediscover the city center, as a new world. Me, a Saturday without cars, I am for,customers come by bike or public transport, they are much more relaxed

. “

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