Apple’s wage increases are a pay cut after inflation, says union representing UK store workers

A trade union representing some retailers in the UK said wage increases recently given by Apple actually accounted for a decline in wages after taking inflation into account.

The union notes that Apple’s revenue and profits both increased dramatically last year, which also highlights Tim Cook’s increased compensation …


We first learned that retailers were planning to be connected in February, when groups in two stores reportedly prepared paperwork for the National Labor Relations Board, with about six other locations in earlier planning stages.

We saw an official start to the process at Apple’s Grand Central Terminal flagship store in New York with a number of goals for a better staffing agreement. This was followed by similar relocations to Atlanta and Maryland.

Apple responded with a carrot and stick approach. The stick was an aggressive claim that union could slow, rather than accelerate, change – so aggressive that two complaints were filed about illegal union abolition. The carrot was the announcement of wage increases and other improvements to the working conditions of the retail staff.

The organizing movement has also crossed the Atlantic, with some British Apple Store workers joining one of the two unions.

Apple responded with a carrot and stick approach, announcing pay rises for staff while warning of the consequences of union.

Most of Apple’s wage increases are below inflation, the union says

Part of Apple’s response was to offer planned pay rises. The average wage increase would be 10%.

But with high inflation in the UK and other countries, the union United Tech & Allied Workers (UTAW) says this is equivalent to a fall in wages at constant prices.

This year, most of us at Apple, especially those working in the Apple Stores, have received under inflation increases and real cuts in our salaries.

The consumer price index rose 9.4 per cent.
Retail price index rose 11.8%

We do not ask for much, just to keep our wages in line with inflation. If a raise was lower than the numbers above, it was not a raise, it was a cut.

No, we are not teachers, postmen, nurses, train drivers, but we help keep people connected, help them do their jobs, and repair people’s phones when they break down. People trust us every day and our employer can afford to do better.

Apple revenue increased 33%
CEOs pay up to 600%

APPLE RETAIL UK LTD alone recorded sales of £ 972m. with a profit of 24% in a pandemic year.
There is NO EXCUSE for Apple not to pay its frontline staff fairly, neither in this economy nor anyone else.

The request is based on a survey of only 44 employeesbut matches reports of average increases for Apple staff in general.

Apple employees are starting to get our annual pay raises – imagine a not-too-distant future where we can collectively negotiate our pay. So what have you had this year?

  • Over inflation: 22.7%
  • Equal to inflation: 11.4%
  • Less than inflation: 54.5%
  • No increase: 11.4%

The situation is, of course, not uncommon at the moment, with workers in many other companies receiving either wage increases below inflation or no wage increases at all.

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