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A longer camping stay thanks to the electric cooler!

that Camping is the ideal activity to take a short break and get away from the city’s too fast pace for a few hours. Let us specify “a few hours”, approximately 48 hours. As long as your groceries can stay fresh, or in other words edible. In fact, the maximum storage time that a lambda cooler can offer is 48 hours. After this time, your food may exceed the freshness limit so you can avoid indigestion. And no one likes to get sick on vacation. Some more advanced cooler models can keep supplies cool for 72 hours. However, they are relatively expensive and are not necessarily within the reach of everyone. Then they reduce the duration of your stay to the duration of the freshness of your supplies. Nevertheless, there is a simple and effective solution to keep your provisions fresh and extend your stay: the electric cooler.

The electric cooler is perfect for camping. At first glance, there is nothing that distinguishes it from an average cooler. The function of the electric cooler remains the same as the classic cooler: Optimize the preservation of your food and keep your drinks cold. The big difference is that the electric cooler keeps groceries cooler for much longer. The electric cooler is equipped with a system to cool the contents to a temperature of up to -18 degrees Celsius. The system also makes it possible to reheat the food if it gets too cold. You can even store several cans of beverages in the trunk of your car and cool them on the spot, thanks to this mini-fridge.

The electric radiator is powered by plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. Because of this, the only limit to the radiator is the capacity of your battery. However, do not use it too much so that you do not get stuck on your campsite with a dead battery. Either way, it’s a great way to spend several days camping and for you to recharge your batteries before returning to your daily trim.

In short, the electric cooler is the accessory you should not forget to install in your car before you go camping.

There are a large number of electric coolers. We have made this selection of the 5 best electric coolers on the market, so you can enjoy a comfortable camping holiday.

Our top: the thermoelectric cooler for cooling and heating

The best accessories are very often the simplest, those who are in favor of “less is more” and go straight to the point. This is the case with Mobicool MT08 DC electric cooler. Its capacity is 9 liters, which may seem relatively small. This low capacity is greatly compensated by the fact that this cooler is electric. Unlike a classic cooler, you do not have to fill it when you go. You can easily wait until you have arrived at your campsite and enjoy its benefits. The Mobicool electric cooler is equipped with a ventilation system with a durable inner metal housing. For the more dizzy among us, it has a housing for the cable in the cover, to avoid placing it incorrectly. We recommend this electric cooler to all camping enthusiasts.

portable mini fridge

That LUMI electric cooler from Aequator is a compact radiator model. However, it has a fantastic capacity of 24 liters. This allows you to store a decent amount of supplies for your stay away from the city. We chose the electric LUMI cooler because it allows you to keep your food cool thanks to the Peltier effect. It is very easy to store and fits easily in almost all of the car’s luggage compartments. Whether you are driving an off-road vehicle or a small city car, this portable mini-fridge will definitely fit.

The economical electric cooler

The only risk you take with the electric radiator is that your car battery will become flat. Avoid this with Tillvex electric cooler of the brand. What is special about this cooler is the presence of 2 different forms of energy consumption: ECO mode and MAX mode. In energy saving mode, you can be sure that your car battery is still fully charged at the end of your stay. MAX mode, even at full power, remains very discreet and therefore will not disturb you. We highly recommend it.

The electric cooler with large capacity

To keep camping for several days, it is imperative to have enough provisions. Therefore, an extensive cooler is needed to extend your stay. To avoid running out the day after your arrival, choose KLARSTEIN BeerBelly electric cooler. Its dimensions of 44 x 44 x 28 cm give it a capacity of 29 liters. We have chosen this cooler because it can be connected to your car using the cigarette lighter. It also has USB ports that can be used as an external power source.

The high-tech electric cooler

Choose the best of electric cooler with MT48W from Mobicool. Easy to transport, it has two small wheels and a telescopic handle that adapts to people of all sizes. It is equipped with an automatic defrost system, which prevents you from wasting storage space. However, this is almost unlikely thanks to the exceptional capacity of 48 liters of this cooler. The little extra about the latter is its integrated water dispenser, for more comfort during your camping stay. MT48W allows faster cooling of the contents thanks to its dual ventilation system. We recommend this model of cooler for those who want maximum comfort during their camping stay.

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