The Nothing phone (1) has its first technical problems

The first telephone models (1) come into the hands of consumers, and with them their first technical concerns emerge. Some users notice shades of green on their screen as well as dead pixels around the front camera.

Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

Sometimes it’s good to be among the very first buyers of a product, but sometimes there are also a few issues to solve, as it currently seems to be the case for Nothing. Barely arrived at the hands of the first users, the phone (1) is already experiencing its first hardware issues.

Green-tinted screens and spots around the front camera

Early users had the misfortune to get “defective” models. These people had the unpleasant surprise of seeing their screen turn green when for others it is dead pixels around the front camera.

An Indian user who received a replacement device even had the misfortune to encounter another model with the same problem.

wow @Flipkart great work, within 2 consecutive days you managed to send two phones with defective screens. Even the replacement phone has problems with color tones. Just one more day for you 😑😑 @getpeid @nothing @AmreliaRuhez @geekyranjit @TrakinTech @igyaan

– ⓗⓔⓐⓡⓣ ⓗⓔⓐⓡⓣ (@_ViaHeart_) July 15, 2022

He is apparently not the only one experiencing this screen color defect, as the problem has also been reported several times by other buyers who have complained on Twitter or Reddit.

Received my phone 1 today … found a screen with green color at the top of the screen .. pls fix it, am completely disappointed 😞 …. Fan of the beauty of the phone, then replace it or repair it. I have also sent an email about support nothing with my email

– Harish Jangra (@ hishu0808) July 15, 2022

These errors seem to be affecting primarily models from India at the moment. Therefore, it may be a problem limited to the country where these defective devices are distributed.

#GreenTintIntet@getpeid @nothing
Hi Carl, so nothing is new in Nothing Phone 1, we have already seen the same “Green Tint display” problem in some of the previous OP phones. So what is the hype about? @geekyranjit @Gyanterapi @igyaan

—IronHrt (@ IronHrt2018) July 13, 2022

What is certain is that this is not good publicity for Nothing, which considers the Indian market as a priority market.

At the same time, other users have also reported the presence of dead pixels around the front camera on their smartphone, just a few hours after the first use.

We received the Indian retail unit Nothing phone (1) this morning. And after just three hours, we see dead pixels around the selfie camera in our device. Disappointing!!

Any of you who are facing similar hardware issues in #No phone1?

– Beebom (@beebomco) July 15, 2022

@nothing Received Nothing Phone 1 yesterday & after 1 hour this dead pixel appeared. What to do with this now?

—Shubham Saxena (@shubhroxstar) July 15, 2022

A minor problem?

Nothing seems to have acknowledged the existence of the problem via his Twitter account No supportwithout giving the exact reason. We do not currently know the cause of the problem, whether it is hardware or software.

Problems with shades of green on screens are not so rare and have already been encountered on other smartphones. Phones with an OLED screen are sometimes prone to such issues that have already been fixed in the past via simple updates.

The best solution if the problem persists is still to contact the brand to get a replacement model. One of the affected phones also appears to have a condensation problem on the back panel around the camera module.

@getpeid @nothing Moisture occurred after using the camera for a while!

—IronHrt (@ IronHrt2018) July 14, 2022

It will be necessary to wait to see if these issues remain contained in a few smartphones, or if they are repeated and extended to more models in circulation to begin to see a real complication there. So far, this is still anecdotal.

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