My health space: towards a really common journal

“You have control over your health”, announces the six commercials aired on television since February. This campaign aims to present My health space, the new digital service that health insurance launched with the Ministry of Health and Prevention on the ashes of the shared journal (DMP), which has never found its audience.

This super-digital health record allows you to store health information and documents (prescriptions, test results, vaccination history, hospitalization report, etc.), to share them with a health professional under an appointment, your doctor, to exchange with him via secure message. , to manage its medical diary and finally to access a catalog of e-health applications to which the Ministry refers as soon as they meet a certain number of criteria for safety, confidentiality and service provided. This is the big news in My Health Room: The insured will thus be able to access screening, prevention (nutrition, stress, sleep) and teleconsultation services to enrich their health journey.

At the same time, recipients of all health insurance schemes (employees, self-employed, farmers, students) received a letter introducing them to My Healthcare and urging them to activate their profile using their Vital Card. To date, more than 66 million messages have been sent.

Between 1.5 and 2 million accounts have been opened every day since the launch of the campaign, says health insurance

Insured can object to the creation of their Health Space: They have six weeks to express their refusal. After this time, their space is activated automatically, but they can change their choice at any time. Thus, between 1.5 and 2 million accounts have been opened every day since the launch of the campaign, health insurance states.

People who have created and updated their DMP will find all the data they have stored there in My Health Area. The others will discover an empty shell: The success of My health spaces will truly depend on the way the insured and, to an even greater extent, health professionals approach it.

2 billion euros in digital Segur

The lack of interest of health professionals and institutions in DMP is the reason for its failure. Dominique Pon is well placed to know: Fifteen years ago, this head of the clinic participated in the creation of the DMP under the leadership of Philippe Douste-Blazy, the then Minister of Health. When, at the end of 2018, he was entrusted for three years with the ministerial delegation for Digital Health with responsibility for (among other things) carrying out the construction of My Health Space, he decided not to reproduce the mistakes made with DMP.

For years, the state injected a lot of money and let a whole lot of software develop without basic rules of security and management, explained Dominique Pon during the Reavie Congress in October 2021. Result: Digital health is an incredible mess. It is always difficult to transfer data from one information system to another, from one professional or healthcare institution to another. »

My healthcare space is based on better data circulation with a homogeneous security framework defined by the National Commission for IT and Freedom (Cnil) and the obligation to host data in France. Very significant investments have been made in the convergence and interoperability of information systems:

Of the 2 billion euros from digital health Segur, 500 millions of euros are intended to help solution publishers overcome these exchanges of information, explains Sébastien Bachem, who participated in the development of My health space together with Dominique Pon, before joining the social protection group Malakoff Humanis, where he is now director of e-health projects. While DMP is designed as a tool for coordination between healthcare professionals, My Healthcare is also resolutely patient-oriented with a simpler and more accessible box. »

The dynamics are engaged

Solange, 73, will not contradict him: after attending a workshop organized by France Assos Santé (lNational Union of Approved Associations afusers of the health system) to take control of her health space, she appreciates the difference. “I had a ‘sleeping’ DMP, which I ended up giving up because I found it too complicated to implement and because the health professionals who followed me were no more motivated than I was.take advantage of. »

The new device seduces her: My health space is much easier to fill than DMP. Also, I’m glad to see that some of the health professionals I consult areusing it already. In my labmedical tests, we mproposed to integrate my reresults. »

To date, only a few out of 1.4 million professionals and 3,000 healthcare institutions are ready to upload their data to My Health Space

Solange must have been lucky: To date, few out of 1.4 million professionals and 3,000 healthcare institutions are ready to upload their data to My Health Space. But the dynamics are committed: “1,500 healthcare institutions have applied for the SUN-ES program (Ségur digital use in healthcare institutions), we explain on the side of the Health Insurance. They automatically send their patients’ health documents tohere at the end of the yearBorne. »

In April, two months after the launch of My Health Space, the number of files delivered had already tripled compared to the beginning of the year. As for the amount of dumped documents, it had doubled. The course is set: to go from 10 million documents exchanged last year to 250 million by the end of 2023.

Health professionals will no doubt be a little harder to mobilize than companies. I’m tired of doing social security work for nothing.Barbara’s pediatrician replied when she asked him if he intended to send the prescription – which he had just written on his computer – to the health room which the young mother had just activated.

For Loïc Brotons, who is both an anesthesiologist and co-founder of Galeon, a company that specializes in sharing hospital data, healthcare professionals’ affiliation will depend on the quality of the service that My health space will provide them: During their consultations, doctors have very little time to consult their patients’ health spaces. They therefore need to be able to easily and quickly find the information they need. ” explains Loïc Brotons, who would have liked healthcare professionals to be a little more involved in the design of My Health Space.

Innovation potential

However, the emergence of this new tool for sharing health data can be accelerated by the implementation of its latest functionality: a catalog of e-health applications approved by the Ministry. Supplementary health insurance sees the opportunity to create a new relationship with their policyholders and at the same time develop new prevention tools. The App Store creates an opening for new healthcare services, explains Sébastien Bachem. This is the first in Europe, and this is where the greatest potential for innovation of My Health Space lies. »

It is also a recognition of Dominique Pon’s philosophy: “The digital must be managed as a city, he believes. The role of public authorities is not to build houses, but to define urban planning rules. Alas, the state did the opposite for twenty years. » With My health space, he has the feeling of fixing things:

“The sovereign digital channels are provided by the state, which has invested 2 billion to bring all healthcare software up to standard. It is now up to health and e-health actors to create innovative services that Social Security will never be able to invent. »

E-health players never fail to remember that Sygesikringen did not want to hear about teleconsultation before the spring birth in 2020. Reality caught up with her at a gallop …

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