MSI sales: Eltharion PC with RTX 3080 Ti loses € 500 for last write-down

News good plan MSI sales: Eltharion PC with RTX 3080 Ti loses € 500 for last write-down

Want a powerful 4K game for 4K gaming, but not sure what to choose? Do you want to be able to enjoy all the games that are pushed to their maximum? Say no more, we’ve found what you’re looking for with PC Eltharion. Fully assembled with components from MSI, this machine intended for the elite has finally seen the price drop a bit. It’s still expensive, but considering the built-in hardware, it’s still a hell of a deal.

Sale: this PC with RTX 3080 Ti and water cooling loses 500 € at the end with the latest write-down

This is currently the 3rd reduction of summer sales in 2022, meaning traders are doing their best to sell their shares. Clearly, the discounts have never been so important, even on rather crazy products like this demonically configured PC. With its RTX 3080 Ti, this machine, assembled with MSI components, will allow you to play in 4K full possibilities.

Originally offered for € 3500 on the Rue Du Commerce page, PC Eltharion is now offered at a price of € 2999, ie. € 500 in savings anyway. And despite this price at the level of the daisies, the configuration always puts pressure.

As you have been told, this is not about using mid-range no-name components to reduce costs. Everything in this machine can be found individually on the usual pages. These are premium components from MSI, a brand that needs no introduction.

Buy Eltharion for 2999 € on Rue du Commerce

Sale: a full MSI war PC with RTX 3080Ti and water cooling!

It all starts with a latest generation Intel Core i5-12600K processor. This chip has 6 P-cores (the high-performance cores), which run at 3.7Ghz and can boost to 4.9Ghz, as well as 4 E-cores (the economical cores), which run at 2.8Ghz and climb to 3.6Ghz and boost. A total of 16 threads are therefore available, only the P-cores are equipped with hyperthreading.

In short, a CPU that sends wood, and which will not be a limiting factor for an eternity. Especially since this chip is supported by 32 GB DDR5 4800Mhz RAM, in the form of two DIMMs from Corsair Vengence (yes, MSI does not make RAM). Cooling level, the processor is kept at temperature by an AIO MSI MAG CoreLiquid 240 water cooling system, which allows you to enjoy absolute silence or to overclock like crazy to take advantage of higher frequencies, etc. more computing power.

As for the graphics, there is a very powerful Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti dedicated graphics card. But this GPU is present here in its MSI Ventus version, which makes it possible to have a huge cooling system with a large heatpipe heatsink cooled by three axial fans. You have understood that it will be possible to play in royal silence, or to overclock the beast like crazy to take advantage of even higher performances.

All these little people are connected to an MSI B660 Tomahawk WiFi motherboard, which allows you to change your PC without any problems afterwards, the Intel platform continues to use the same socket for its next processors.

MSI sales: Eltharion PC with RTX 3080 Ti loses € 500 for last write-down

Storage level, Eltharion includes an M.2 1TB MSI Spatium M480 SSD, which will ensure reduced loading times and a super-fast PC startup. This whole little world is powered by an 850W block certified 80+ Gold MSI MPG A850GF. Finally, to house this Prévert-style fixture, we are entitled to an MSI MPG Gungir 110M case with window and an ARGB MSI Mag Max controller to illuminate the guts of the animal. For the record, the retailer is adding a complete set of MSI peripherals with a GM41 wireless mouse, a GK30 keyboard and a GH30 V2 headset.

Buy Eltharion for 2999 € on Rue du Commerce

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