How to set up live wallpaper on Samsung phones (home and lock screen)

Want to apply live wallpaper to your Samsung Galaxy phone for home screen and lock screen? Fortunately, in this Android article we will show you the easiest method toand live wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Meanwhile, if we look at computers or smartphones, most of them have standard static backgrounds. But if you want to customize your home screen and lock screen more, you can always use live and vibrant wallpapers.

Meanwhile, one of the best features of owning a smartphone is the ability to customize it by setting your favorite scene or wallpaper as your background. Live wallpapers, which are animated or interactive scenes that act as your phone’s home screen, are supported by the Android operating system. The newer options are both visually appealing and useful and offer dynamic backgrounds with simple textures, weather-based animations and wonders of space or the deep sea.


What you learn in this guide:

Set Live Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung also offers preloaded live wallpapers to their users, but that’s not what you want. So in the context of this guide, we recommend everyone to use the Zedge app.

Zedge is an Android software that offers a wealth of free ringtones and wallpapers for your smartphone. Its material is not only free but also high quality with HD photos and clear audio files.

Zedge is pretty simple to use. Simply select one of the menu options on the side of the screen, such as wallpapers, live wallpapers, or notification tones, to get started. Once you have selected one, you will be able to browse a number of categories along with popular music, sounds and images. However, you can use the search box in the upper right corner to find a specific wallpaper or ringtone.

Another excellent feature of this software is the ability to download and use content directly from the application. In other words, instead of going to the phone’s settings menu to select the new ringtone or live wallpaper, you can do so directly from the app and enjoy your new wallpaper in seconds.

Zedge is a great Android customization app. Check it out, browse the almost overwhelming amount of information, and enjoy a new wallpaper or ringtone every day of the week.

So here are the steps to set up and apply live wallpaper on Samsung phones to home screen and lock screen using the Zedge app.

Step 1. Download Zedge app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Once installed, start it.

Step 3. Press Hamburger menu and select Video backgrounds.

Video backgrounds

Step 4. Now find your favorite video backgrounds, tap them once they are found.

Step 5. Tap here To download icon at the bottom, then press Set video backgroundr.

Step 6. Press again Set the wallpaper. Here you can either set the live wallpaper to Homepage Where home screen and lock screen. Choose one of them. Then the live wallpaper will be applied immediately.

How to set up live wallpaper on Samsung phones (home and lock screen)

Set Live Wallpaper on Samsung

Best live wallpaper apps for Android

Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers

Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers is a live wallpaper created by Roman De Giuli, a YouTube artist known for his 8K abstract animations. The app has a large selection of his work, the majority of which is pretty good. The free version provides 30 live wallpapers, while the commercial version comes with 250.

Most wallpapers are video loops that last about 20 seconds. Along with these options, the developer promises to release additional live wallpapers in the future, so do not be shocked if the number exceeds 250. There is a lot to like about this one and the back plans are particularly attractive.

Forest living wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper is a lovely live wallpaper for material design lovers. It depicts a sparse forest scene swaying in the wind. You can change the colors according to your theme or preferences. It also fades from day to night and has, among other things, a parallax effect. It also provided weather information. However, the developer’s OpenWeatherMap account has been suspended due to its popularity. This is not good news. But it’s still pretty nice. Especially if you want simple live wallpaper apps.

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker is one of the best available live wallpaper programs. It allows you to create your own. It provides a WYSIWYG editor. It’s really easy to use. A watch, Google Fit statistics, weather, system information and even your RSS feed are among the customization options. You can also experiment with some cool graphics options. The free version contains most of the features. Becoming a professional entitles you to remove ads as well as other additional features. It has a few flaws. But it’s not something big. If you use Google Play Pass, you can also get it for free.

For more best live wallpaper apps, click here.

That is it. Here are the steps to set up and use live wallpaper on Samsung Gallaxy phones. If you are familiar with other live wallpaper apps, please mention them in the comments section below.

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